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Get out your dancing shoes. No reason to be a wallflower and watch everyone as these dances are NO REJECTION dances. No one needs to be afraid of being turned down to dance. No one needs to be afraid that they can't dance and will trip all over the place. Look forward to 'tripping all over the place' as I usually do because everybody in the group is going to pat you on the back for making the effort. I have two left feet and only know a few basic dances myself. The main thing is to HAVE FUN.

Again these are NO REJECTION dances. Only reasons to turn someone in the group down for a dance request is if you are tired from dancing and want to take a little break. Please be considerate and tell the person, "I'm a little tired but I will be available after I have gotten my wind back." or "Right now I'm just looking at other people dancing and want to learn some steps but I will be available in a little while." No one gets turned down because they are a 'lousy dancer.' No one gets turned for other 'superfluous reasons.'

Efforts should be made by both men and women to ask EVERYONE to dance so no one is sitting or standing by himself or herself feeling like 'a wallflower.'

At places where they serve alcohol please be able to control your demeanor. Anyone who shows rude or obnoxious behavior will be removed from the Meetup group.

Feel free to dance with anyone not just in the Meetup Group but please be courteous and not ignore members of the Meetup Group.

I am looking for Assistant Organizers in case I am not available. I would like to set up 3 dances per month. Dances don't necessarily have to be Saturday Night. They can be on Friday or Saturday Night depending on my schedule.

Please be courteous to cancel your RSVP within half an hour of the event. No shows who does not cancel RSVP after 3 times will be removed from membership

Starting July 13, 2018 Members who are inactive for non emergency reasons, that is who have been notified 3 days in advance and cannot attend a minimum 1 out of 12 dance events or 1 calendar year, whichever comes later, will be removed from the group. We encourage your participation and want to make this as successful Meetup as possible. Attendance policy will not apply to non dance events such as movies or concerts.

Members who are inactive will be contacted to encourage them to attend a Meetup before their membership is deleted.

Venues will be in Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo County. Here are the several places I like to go with lots of dance floor space and good music/live bands plus easy accessible parking

The Graduate in SLO


Madonna Inn in SLO


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