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Gentle Easy Yoga - Loving and Nurturing Yourself
Dear All, How about start your day with a loving Gentle Easy Yoga. This is a safe environment for you to practice safe Yoga. We learn to let go of competition, judgments, and expectations; we stay in the present moment, we breath, we feel, and enjoy the yoga journey one class at a time. This Gentle Easy Yoga is designed to help you improve posture and stability; Manage and balance both your physical body and emotional being, increase flexibility and increase muscular strength; improve respiration; reduce high blood pressure; reduce Anxiety; develop self‐confidence, encourage mindfulness, improve quality of life, develop a holistic concept about living life to its fullest. ******* ******** ******** ******* Please enter from the side door entrance of the Church. Please remember to bring your own mat. I do have met available in case you need one. Please remember "early is on time". 9:45 am - 10:00 am Arrive and get ready for fun 10:00 am- 11:00 am Gentle Easy Yoga - Loving and Nurturing Yourself ****** ****** ****** Your investment to your health and wellness: • Your first visit is $18 at the door Please notice this is Scent-Free class. Please bring your own water bottle, I do have water prepared for you as well. It's always the perfect time for you to get stronger, more balanced and improve your quality of life!

Riverdale Presbyterian Church

662 Pape Avenue · Toronto, ON