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Dance/Movement Therapy in Athens

This is a group for anyone interested in self-improvement and self-exploration through conscious movement, because beyond words, our body speaks, and speaks authentically. Our body movements reveal beliefs and stories of our mind and the resistances that lead us to "abuse" our bodies, both emotionally and physically. Dance/Movement Therapy is a creative art therapy. It is mainly a non-verbal holistic body-based therapy. As there is a sequence between body, mind and soul, a change in the movement, reflects a change in personality.

Dance/Movement Therapy is first and foremost a niche form of psychotherapy, facilitated by a master’s level clinician that merely uses, movement, a component of dance, to heal and integrate the mind, body, and spirit of an individual. The aim of Dance therapy is not to copy a movement, but to accept the body as a carrier of our unique personal history.

Tools we can use in a Dance/Movement Therapy session are:
 Relaxing methods
 Music
 Improvisation
 Images
 Other creative Arts: theater, painting, voice experimentation
 Playing
 Props: Balls, Tissues, Masks, Photos …

Main benefits of Dance/Movement Therapy are:
 Improves body-image, self-esteem, attentiveness and communications skills
 Reduces stress, fears and anxieties, as well as feelings of isolation, body tension, chronic pain, and depression
 Enhances the functioning of the body’s circulatory and respiratory systems

The Dance/Movement Therapist:
 Creates a secure environment of trust, acceptance, empathy and understanding
 Does not judge or guide, but allows the individual to surrender to movement and to move with what moves them from within
 Allows space and time

We can use Dance/Movement Therapy:
 Individually or in groups, privately or in a therapeutic context
 With people of all ages, races, cultures, creeds
 Individually, in parallel or complementary to verbal therapy

In Dance/Movement Therapy no previous experience with movement and dance is required, because he, who breathes can ‘dance’.

Let's join this self-exploration journey! Greeek, english and german spoken groups.

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