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Looking for a fun dynamic practice to enhance your life?

If so, DYBO is the perfect path for you ! DYBO is your opportunity to Dance Your 'Buts" Off ™.

This is not the 'butt' you SIT on, it's the 'buts' you LIVE in!

DYBO is not an exercise class and it is not a dance class, it is movement with a purpose.

How many times have you heard yourself say you would love to do something -

but I'm too busy - but I'm too tired - but I don't have enough money - but I don't have what it takes - but I don't have a partner?

These 'buts' are blocking our path to reaching our full potential as women and inhibit us from living life with vibrancy. DYBO supports us in giving motion to stagnant energy - dancing our 'buts' off.

Ready to feel lighter?

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