Summer Campers Return & Rose's Birthday DJ's Rose & Cassie Brizzi

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7:00 Doors open for set up,
Cake and Goodies at 7:30 - Dance starts at 8PM.

Dance Freedom's Welcome back Camper's Dance and Rose's birthday, at
St Mary's Orthodox Church, 8 Inman St., Cambridge, with AC.

"It is my Birthday! We are going to have a good time! It's a Party Party!"
to paraphrase The Beatles.

I'm so excited to have Dance Camp back to celebrate birthdays, summer fun and community.

I've been in the Dance Friday/Dance Freedom community since 2004 which has been a consistent privilege and a passion; for, I love to dance! In 2012 Dance Friday helped me discover the perfect next dance step in my life: to share music and joy though "spinning" music. Since beginning to DJ, I have continuously sought to discover music that is textured; with a punch at the beginning and a period at the end. I believe that having beautiful and uplifting music that makes your body move and engage your mind can create an environment that is just plain fun. It is my goal to present consistent music which is flexible enough to allow dancers to grab energy from the songs in their unique ways of dancing.

Cassie Brizzi will partner with me to bring you a dance to remember.
Come share the Joy and celebrate with us!

Dance Freedom believes that music and free style dance together are one of the most powerful vehicles for the expression of joy, creativity, human unity, as well as healing, and the experiencing of deeper consciousness, spirit and transformation

At Dance Freedom, we are experiencing the joy of dance and leaving behind the cultural expectation of social dancing being part of courting behavior. A dance is just a dance, a brief perfect moment in time to free yourself from expectations. Enjoy dancing alone, with a partner, or in a group. There is no wrong way to move.

Dance Freedom is a weekly barefoot improvisational jam for for people who love to dance, continuously running for 50 years in a drug, alcohol, and shoe-free environment.

Holding a Safe and Sacred Space
• Be curious, open, and accepting. Please suspend judgements of self or other
• Refrain from talking on the dance floor. Take conversations to the library behind the DJ.
• Move with care and awareness through the space. Help avoid collisions on the dance floor.
• Be mindful of others’ personal boundaries. Dance Freedom is very contact-friendly, but we all have different levels of comfort when it comes to being approached and touched. Get enthusiastic non-verbal Consent before touching anyone. If you don't want to dance with someone, empower your no. One way is to bring your hands closed to your chest and bow in a gesture of 'no thank you’.
· Wear a solo dance bracelet if you feel more comfortable dancing alone or if you want to select your own dance partners rather than being asked.

• No taking pictures or video without explicit permission from those in the photo.

Being with Our Music
During the dance a very wide variety of music across different genres gets played . If there's a song that doesn't seem danceable at first, we invite you to be curious and try to discover it in your body. Or hold witness for how others are feeling the music. Or take a break to get some water and make a new friend. Just know that the music keeps changing, so something different is coming soon.

Before You Arrive
•Be clear-minded. We dance free of alcohol and illegal substances.
• Leave your shoes and cellphones off the dance floor. And please leave any valuables at home or safely hidden in your car. (Note: If you need shoes for foot health, we welcome soft-soled dance shoes that have not been worn outside.)
• Please Bring a Dance Bag with your name on it. Use the bag to carry in your dance clothes and shoes and a water bottle, store your street clothes and shoes in it while you dance.

Dancers can apply help with set-up or take-down or offer a middle, and get in free! It's a great chance to get to know the community better.
For more information, E-mail: [masked]