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You Can Join the LA/SoCal Community low volume Email Lists Instead of Meetup:

For West LA Community Dances & Activity Gatherings Only: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/whimsyum

For the rest of LA/ So Cal: https://groups.google.com/d/forum/sacredcirclesingdance

The 'DANCES' OF 'UNIVERSAL' PEACE, Sacred Circle Dance, & Sufi Dance ARE

actually walking meditations done in a circle, exchanging symbolic gestures which celebrate each other (like whispering a blessing in each other's ear, playing an invisible instrument, putting our hand on each others heart, reaching our hands to the sun, blessing each other's aura, etc,...) --which are done while singing or chanting, though many of us dance instead of walk. In 'Dances Of Universal Peace' songs/chants (often 'Devotional Songs') are in all languages & 'gestures' are either shared with another as u walk past each other in the circle (these are called 'partnered' dances), or u do gestures to the air as u walk singly around the circle. Sufi Dances are primarily 'partnered' dances, & the songs/chants are primarily in English. Sacred Circle Dances can be either. Gestures & songs are inspired by all of the earth's folk, spiritual, cultural, & wisdom traditions, set to music of our joined voices combined with live acoustic music.


These are mind, body, spirit practices that brings us in touch with our sacred selves in an environment that allows us to celebrate the sacredness in each other. We sing & 'dance' together for peace within ourselves & the world. By singing in the spirit of the many traditions of the world we help bring healing to cultural divisions that have for centuries driven our world to wars. When we 'dance' face to face, we're not just 'dancing' with the person in front of us, but also with what is universal in the spirit of all of us. The simple acts of joining hands, lifting our voices, looking deeply into the eyes of other human beings, moving to the rhythms of music, create a sense of belonging to a greater community.


The ‘dances’ are a ritual where we share the universal parts of the diverse traditions of the world; or what is simply there in each of us, in the essence of our spirit & the universe around us, that which brings us to the place where there is no division between us & the divine: bliss, connection, understanding, compassion, beauty, etc.


We also host CREATIVE, INSPIRATIONAL, HOLISTIC, &/OR SACRED --ACTIVITY SHARING GATHERINGS for this community: Egalitarian --everyone welcome to co-lead: Includes the dances/songs + creative, holistic, inspirational &/or sometimes humorous interactive, multidisciplinary activities, journeys, rituals, celebrations, practice sharing, sometimes Potluck. SUBSTANCE FREE. As much as possible we meet OUTDOORS living fully ~*ALIVE*~ in the temple of our mind, body, & spirit! For people looking for a deeper, more meaningful experience in life, to live in new contexts, who wish to make long time deep friends of the soul, regularly uplifting each other’s spirit sharing ...experiences where we support the manifestation of each other’s dreams, & ~*CELEBRATE*~ each other!: Continuously discovering & co-creating diverse rituals, traditions, practices, holidays, projects, new resources, inventing solutions, etc… to explore, enrich, manifest, & evolve the infinite, positive potentials of human beings & our world… & our interaction with the universe.

DAYLIGHT WEEKDAY, EVENING, & WEEKEND meetups!No experience is necessary to attend, just a willingness to open your heart to the sacredness of each other.

~*All of these gatherings are for people committed to a positive, benign, life path.*~

We celebrate friendship, collaboration/cocreation, & leadership from people of any background no matter their: style choices, shape, lifestyle, state of fitness, educational background, financial situation, age, skin color, sexual preferences, spiritual path, behavior preference ( hyper people, quiet people...), etc... :) :) :)

Our focus is around sharing experiences together in the real world, not spending time reading & typing on the internet: The only way to *really* meet this community is by coming to our in-person gatherings & celebrating life together!


All regular, ongoing, Dances Of Universal Peace, Sufi Dance, Sacred Circle Dance, & Devotional Singing gatherings are either by donation no one turned away for lack of funds, or free. Most workshops & retreats expect a fee, but will still not turn away anyone if they make a request to attend & are unable to come up with the funds.

This is the Community Networking, Carpooling, + Cultural Messageboard/E-list for the diverse community, dancers, dance leaders, musicians, participants, teachers, students, event organizers enjoying multicultural, multigenerational Dances of Universal Peace, Sufi Dance, participatory Devotional Singing gatherings, Sacred Circle Dance, Zikar, & Sacred Temple Dance(participatory, not performances)--both coed, women-only, & family gatherings, festivals, classes, seminars, parties, camps, celebrations, workshops, conventions, jams, & retreats all over Southern CA especially Los Angeles + surrounding areas of Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, YMCA, Burbank, Ojai, San Diego, Tustin, Laguna Beach, West LA, Venice, Playa Del Rey, Westwood, UCLA, USC, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Pasadena, Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, Topanga Canyon, Malibu, Mar Vista, Encinitas, Dana Point, San Gabriel Valley, Vista, Long Beach, Buellton, San Luis Obispo, Baldwin Park, Century City, Bel Air. Palms, Westchester, Pacific Palisades, Santa Barbara California Winter Quarterly Dance Retreat, etc...


MULTIGENERATIONAL: We look forward to coming to these events knowing we are, & always will be beautiful & sought after at all ages of our evolution: because we're able to –see- & genuinely, deeply value the unique, rich limitless universe that each individual brings inside themselves, enriching our community beyond measure.

The So Cal COMMUNITY IS LARGER THAN REPRESENTED BY THIS SITE & IS ON ANOTHER low volume, nonmeetup EMAIL LIST which you can join in addition to, or instead of this, meetup(info provided in your welcome email): we've added this meetup site to expose more people to these events & provide more social media options to our community so that the email-list stays low volume.

***If This Community Is Meaningful To You, Please Support It Being Here By Donating here: http://www.Whimsyum.net/circles.html Thank you! ***

"Tell me what you love & I'll tell you who you are..."What do you love?: A mix of interests from people in this community, + some that we host events around: Outside the box philanthropists & leaders, sound healing, egalitarian, peer mentors, kirtan, Rumi, Hafiz, ephiphany, collective, abundance, mind body spirited, alternative, share, diy, drumming, whirling dervish, artists, hikes, solstice, hugs, full moon, nature, sustainable, green trades, volunteering, exchanges, spiritual activism, Morris dance, Contra dancing, off the grid, unschooling, Bujold, Lindskold, collaborate, Seuss, surrealist games, mysticism, wildcrafting, foraging, survivalists, mermaids, ancient, soul witness dance, regifting, openheartmusic.org, Findhorn. Samuel l. Lewis, singers, Rob Raskin, whole raw foods, Robert Frey, Sundanese Gamelan, Christo Pellani, Murshid, bliss, Karam, new age, metaphysical, meditative, trance, Diksha, Sufism, Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, folk, freecycle, recycle, muse, gaia, Orkut, Earth Sky lodge, university, goddess temple, college, tantric, liturgical, Putumayo, Turkish African groove, Hawaiian, Toni Michael,affirmations, Louise Jacobus, Wiccan dances, tai chi kung, Jim Lynn Chow, Native American Shamanism, Celtic, Roger Artemisia Hunt, leadership, Tui Wilschinsky, Aramaic, Persian, Sanskrit, Marybrenda, Social Action, Chinese, Hebrew, Israeli, McQueen, arabian nights, Marsha Sydhasa Clopton, puja, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Yarrow Nelson, Spanish, French, guild, consciousness, Vanessa Ragan, Human Awareness Institute, Marci Javril, HAI, Bodhi Tree, Agape, Rachel Forsyth, reuseit, Burning Man, tribe, Chrystine Julian, Star Trek, Next Generation, day of the dead, chants, ceremony, Unitarian, the well, prophetic, handfasting, ethereal, changeling, ministry, fete, soiree, mastery, Corinthians 13, sustainability, affinity groups, esoteric, B'stella, eccentric, somatic, ENFJ, plan, assist, noquartergiven, reenactment, innovation, future studies, rarefruit, SCA, Society for Creative Anachronisms, Art deco, moderne, mad scientists, acrobatics, aerial silks, glbt, quirky, androgyny, Metta, Ahisma, Ohana, Hobbit, Houdini, gift economy, Outer Limits, Dragonfruit, Labyrinth of Jared, Halloween, imagineers, Museum of Jurassic Technology, Namaka, Quan Yin, Capoeira, acrobats, Outer Limits, acroyoga, trampolines, enchantress, curriculum, homeschool, ministries, acupuncture, doula, Loreena Mckennitt, mists of avalon, sisters, pihop, 5th sacred thing, Baha’i, midwife, hermit, Lakshmi Lambert, Kabbalah, Cabala, Qabbālâ, merlin, mula bandha, wedding, The Goddess Dojo, channelling, non-violent, NVC, metaphysics, raw, transformation, enlightenment, consciousness, chiropractors, acupuncturists, healers, nutritionists, New Thought, red tent dojo, idealism, romanticism, Myers-Briggs iNtuitive Feelers, idealists, Acro Yoga, enthusiasm, Steeleye Span, great blue whale, swaps, really really free market, RRFM, Jewish, Buddhist, Buddhism, barters, skillshares, reciprocative, singles, couples, new in town, emergent christianity, Šahrzâd, dojo, Britannic, breathing, millennial connections, vow, whimsical, laughter yoga, source, castles, palaces, mentorship, autonomous, underground cities, aquaponics, Career Transition For Dancers; networking, biospheres, independent, intimacy, happiness, rapturous, friendship, alchemist, mystical, androgynous, imagination, enthusiastic, delights, Bhangra, Flamenco, red tent, masseuse, watsu, shiatsu, aston patterning, traeger, carols, caroling, thai, swedish, science fiction, fantasy, adventurous, roller coasters, Ignite, cannines at covenant, Egyptian, barefoot, partner, Yemaya, desert, spice, Cinnamon, practitioners, Yiddush, Judaism, Israeli, Sisters, arabian nights, diversity, African-American, Mideast Middle Eastern Mysteries, Egypto, Namaka, Quan Yin, moontime, Jim Carrey,séance, Yule, Samhain, prayer circle, outside the box Christians, discipleship, accupressure, equinox, Ostara, moontime, esbat, tarot, depth, Imbolic, fitness, inclusiveness, sabbat, Lughnasadh, Yemanja, Circle of Aradia, dianic,witchvox, vasclip, vasectomy, childfree people as well as parents, Satsanga, Satsangam, spells, root beer, kirtana, sankirtan, girlfriends, sistas, Isis, Nefertiti, hip mamas, sarsaparilla, Pirates of the Caribbean, kindred spirits, soul mates, Somewhere In Time, sunlight, daylight, d3, solar, reclaiming, Reweaving, integrity, eye contact, Unitarians, wildfood, ceremonial, Scheherazade, Mosaic, futures oriented, worship, Women's Self Defense, Radiance International, Beltane, Anne McCaffrey, Dr. Ernest Holmes, Phantom Tollbooth, cinnamon, mulberry, chutzpah, daytime, Starhawk, Yemaya, wizards, Scheherazade, priestesses, player pianos, orchestrions, Fesenjan, One thousand and one nights, alchemy, mage, sage, Beltaine, Stonehenge, fathers, Pantheacon, matriarchal, tantra, party,magick, serve, zaadz, pagan, spa, scry, Kundalini Yoga, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, astral, auras, psychic, healing, house of prayer, Bast, Egyptian, Willy Wonka, Thanksgiving, bistella, Earnest Holmes, afternoon, entrepreneurs, cleopatra, erzulie, buk, atete, iemanja, oya, oshun, nana, aha njoku, ala, anyanwu, mami wata, asase yam success, sappho, cheshire cat, Stitch, Lilo, white birch, herbalists, timebanks, alternative currencies, spiritguides, victorian balls, ecstatic, 5 rhythms, Tesla, MBTI, Buckminster Fuller, Rube Goldberg, The Loft, OZ, CRJG, Exploratorium, womyn, women only, tesseract, Jane Eyre, disneyland, Magic Mountain, Angelus, Indiana Jones, Easter, reciprocate, Great American Food and Beverage Company, crete, lesbos, rainbow family, therapeutic massage sharing circles & exchanges, barter, open heartedness, heart centered living, energy healing, transformation, Nonviolent Communication, New City Church, pepsin, Christmas, tango, new wave 80s dancing, Zwiefacher, Methodists, therapists, therapeutic, Italian, insight, weekdays off, weeday daytime adventures, weeday daytime activities, weekday activities, weekday daylight activities, the vineyard, Interactive Kundalini Yoga, AcroKundaliniYoga, Sattva Yoga, Create Things For Each Other, Creating Surprises For Each Other, oneness, ren, Shahrzād, Congress of Vienna, ballroom, waltz, Oshun, Sattva, Satva, rumba, trance, authentic, salsa, mothers, Irish, Scottish, ceili, ENFP, Shaharazad, ENIGMA, disciple, spiritweaves, INFJ, Lammas, Continuum, Dancealive, parlor, sacred feminine, ragtime, satsang, mixer, singles, afternoons, tea, Eurhythmy, Lithia, Gabrielle Roth, Do-over, Barefoot Boogie, service, luaus, polka, westside, rounds, improvisational singing, biodanza, goth, swim, Golden Bridge, hambo, diurnal, breathe, archery, moms, Caid, survivalist, Lyondemere, CTMS, south, Barony of Angels, sunshine, learning, Shahrazād, renaissance faire, craigslist, Jules Verne, Stempunk, INFP, African, AMICA, reciprocation, futurists, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Ernest Holmes, Howard Thurman, transcendentalists, Ralph Waldo Emerson, serendipity.*~*~*~*~*

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