What we're about

I'm looking for writers who want to share their work, develop, and grow in the company of other serious writers.

Dangerous means not afraid of censors, of whatever political persuasion, and willing to take risks for their work. Anything goes. There are no taboo questions or answers. If you want writing that is relaxing, or that conforms to ideology, than this group is not for you.

Personally, I'm interested in philosophically and psychologically themed work. But I'm less concerned with specific themes than in your willingness to disorient, make a reader think, to disturb and illuminate with new ideas and experiences. While I have in mind fiction writers, all forms are welcome.

The prospective plan is that once a week we will meet and exchange work, ideas, and so on. Perhaps we can plan some other projects, but that's the basic set-up.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events