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Peninsula chapter of Dance Buddies group. Buddy up now !!


Did you know learning dancing is like learning to ride a bike? YES it is. Only when you learn the basics and keep going dancing you will get better and better at it. Do not spend on lessons after lessons.

Steps -

1. Learn the basic steps

2. Listen to the music. Buy on itunes or on radio and get the rhythm and go 1-2-3--5-6-7 or 1-2-3-tap-5-6-7-tap etc.

3. Buy some really good DVDs online from well known instructors to learn basic and also new patterns.

4. Keep going dancing and dance with focus on connection (hand tension with push-push, pull-pull).

5. Add one or two new patterns to your routine everytime.


Consider this as a gateway to the huge flourishing dance community. Get out there and dance and mingle and grow.

Within no time you will get connected to this flourishing community and be part of it if you meet-up atleast once a month.


We are formed by a core group of few folks who know the Salsa, Bachata and latin dance scene very well. Each has 12 to 5 years of dancing experience around the globe. Yes ! these dances are extremely popular and anywhere you go you can dance these dances with the locals. Say Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Kolkata, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Budapest, Paris, London, New York, Portland, Seattle, Singapore, Los Angeles and San Francisco of course is the biggest of them all.

Anyway, we are an active group of people who get together in smaller circles and groups to learn social dancing, fitness dancing, fun dancing and help each other live the dancing lifestyle. We are beginner friendly dance buddies because we help and mentor each other as buddies and meet-up often. We have several smaller circles and you'd be in a circle that fits your interests, logistics and expectations.

1. We essentially practice dancing. No partner necessary as we will mostly learn to dance individually. When we have gender balanced group we will dance with partners unless some are ok to dance with same gender. It really doesn't matter as our focus is to learn essentials of dancing.

2. Highly encouraged to join a gym or join our smaller groups to go to gym or exercise or run together.

3. We have our own suggestions how to adapt dancing in your life and as a life style. It will become an addiction so if you know how to manage this addiction you will feel fulfilled.

4. We always move people around into smaller circles and groups to have more focussed and personalized learning and growth.

5. Each smaller circles will have team leaders who have understood this team's values and goals and also knows few of the dances we dance together. Please volunteer to become a team leader.

6. We will learn the basics and more of most of the popular dances. The main one's we will start with are - Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha-Cha-Cha, Zouk, Kizomba. We will also keep an open mind for dances like Bhangra, Hip-hop, Swing, Hustle, etc. But any new dances will need intermediate group leader to be in the team.

7. Points, points, points - you earn point for doing anything and everything for the team. We have spreadsheets where you and others enter points. These points shall earn you free sessions, club entries, memberships, prizes, gifts, etc.

8. Bring a friend - yes you earn points for motivating your friends to join the team. You earn points to keep them going.

9. How much does it cost? It costs minimal as we are not profit oriented. We will collect minimal amounts to pay the facilities, event organizers and leads. So initial members get a lot of credits for joining early. Donations are always welcome. At the minimum please donate $5 to $10 when you drop in. Rest assured you will get more than what you pay for.

Welcome to the fabulous group of fun and fit people.


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