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What we're about

Would you be interested to improve your health, and at the same time, develop your intuitive intelligence to live a happy and healthy life?

If so, we welcome you to join us in this exciting journey of exploration and discovery.

We are a Singapore group of Tai Shang Men Xiao Yao Pai (太上门逍遥派) a Taoist school of spiritual cultivation, with roots dating back to the early Taoist way of life. Our group practises the ancient art of Dao Yin Shu (導引术), whereby we engage in exercise movements based on spiritual or divine guidance.

Our Historical Roots

The origins of Dao Yin Shu go back to some 5,000 years ago, when the Yellow Emperor Huang Di met Guǎngchéngzǐ 广成子 who is believed to be the first of two incarnations of the deity Tai Shang Lao Jun 太上老君. Laozi, the founding father of Taoism, is the second incarnation.

Immortal Guǎngchéngzǐ was believed to have directly transmitted the secrets of the ancient Taoist art of immortality to Huang Di. That art, which is also called Dao Yin Shu 導引术 is the Divine Guidance Art of the Xiao Yao school of Spiritual Taoism. Under the guidance of Guǎngchéngzǐ, the Yellow Emperor Huang Di was able to achieve the mystical and pristine state of the Taoist Xian Shen (immortal spirit).

Why You Should Join Us

Today, we would like to share this art with like-minded individuals who not only wish to discover the beneficial, profound and yet practical teachings of Taoism, but also keen to learn a special art which helps you to enhance your health and connect you to your inner wisdom. With this art, we can live a healthier, happier and longer life.

Learning Dao Yin Shu, a closely guarded secret in ancient times, is a privilege which requires some initiation. Prior to the initiation, you may wish to attend our free introductory talks which will be taking place in March and April (on Saturday afternoons) this year. These talks will give you a peek into the wealth of Taoist philosophical insights, and the benefits of learning Dao Yin Shu. So please look out for news/announcements on the introductory talks coming your way soon!!

If you are feeling intrigued and wish to find out more before the introductory talks, please feel free to contact us via email: , and we will get back to you soon.

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