BUIDLing DApps #00: Decentralized Applications and Ethereum

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We're thrilled to our very first Dapper Academy meetup in June! Limited spaces are available, so be sure to RSVP.

A decentralized app or "DApp", is a software application that runs on a distributed computing system such as the Ethereum blockchain. As opposed to traditional centralized applications, where the frontend talks to APIs and datastores running on centralized servers, a dApp talks to smart contracts on decentralized blockchains.

Dapper Academy is a learning community for folks interested in dApp development. No experience necessary - bring your machine and get ready to #BUIDL.

----- Meetup Agenda

At our first session, we'll learn the basics of decentralized applications, blockchain fundamentals, and the Ethereum blockchain.

* What are DApps?
* Public-Key Cryptography
* Blockchain Fundamentals: Keys, Transactions, Blocks
* Introduction to the Ethereum blockchain
* The Solidity programming language (Teaser)
* Recap

In our next session, we'll jump into a practical hands-on with writing smart contracts using Solidity programming language.

----- About the Speaker

Yos is a software craftsman who spends most of his time learning about and building decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. In his spare time, he organizes local meetups such as ReactJS and API Craft Singapore.

----- Schedule

7.00pm: Doors open - mingle over food and drinks

7.20pm: Start of session, opening address by hosts

7.30pm: Start of scheduled talks

9:00pm: Community announcements / End of event

----- Sponsors

TBD - We're currently looking for a venue sponsor for the event.

----- Information for Attendees

Please bring your ID to get through building security.