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Spotlight: The Everyday Addictions That Are Destroying Your Business and Family
∙ Do you find yourself clicking on social media every few minutes as you try to get your work done? ∙ Are you reaching for a snack every time you feel stress and tension? ∙ Does your phone get more attention than your kids? Don’t let everyday addictions drain your energy and keep your business and family from thriving! Join Daring Divas and Dr. Eva A. Malanowski for an eye-opening and inspiring talk about how seemingly small habits can rob us of our time, energy and vitality for what we value the most. If You… ∙ End the day feeling sluggish and beat. ∙ Rely on crutches such as sugar, caffeine, or alcohol to make it through the day. ∙ Feel guilty that you are not spending enough quality time with your children. ∙ Rely on the TV to unwind. Then it's time to take back control from the endless noise of distractions that are all around you. In this informative and transformational talk, you will... ∙ Learn how seemingly minor habits are actually life-draining addictions. ∙ Learn how to stop sabotaging yourself ∙ Cut out the noise of distractions to increase your energy and truly thrive. ∙ Reclaim your life-force so that your true talents can shine! MEET DR. EVA As an Addictions Coach and Psychologist, Dr. Eva A. Malanowski helps professionals transform the pain, shame, and guilt of various addictions such as food, work, substance abuse and pornography, through healing childhood wounds and helping people get “un-stuck” from childhood trauma, so that they can finally reach emotional maturity and fully utilize their hidden talents and gifts. Dr. Eva has never shied away from working with the most challenging problems individuals face. Her inspiration has come from observing and encouraging the life force that propels people to seek growth in even the most difficult circumstances. She has 18 years of experience facilitating personal transformation. Learn more about Dr. Eva here AGENDA: ➤ 10:00 - 10:15, Arrive/Open networking ➤ 10:15 - 10:45, Impact Tribe Member Introductions ➤ 10:45 – 11:15, Spotlight presentation from our feature Impact Tribe member. ➤ 11:15 - 11:30, Closing thank yous and goodbye hugs. PRICE: Free! PARKING: click here => for parking options. ABOUT "SPOTLIGHT": "Spotlight" events offer a special opportunity to experience the incredible wisdom, knowledge and expertise that exists within our Daring Divas community. Each Spotlight event features a presentation by one of our Impact Tribe members with time to connect with each other before and after the event.

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Welcome to Daring Divas!

If you're a visionary woman entrepreneur, looking for your tribe, then you've landed in the right place!

As the most active women's community in Boulder, CO, Daring Divas is home to over 2,400 awe-inspiring lady biz owners like you.

Since 2011, we’ve hosted multiple events per month designed to help you create connections that lead to new business opportunities (like clients and speaking gigs), as well as lifelong friendships that reap benefits in business and beyond.


We get it, your time is your most valued resource. You don't want to waste it at another stuffy networking event where nobody shows up. Or where the people who show up are, well… just not your peeps.

You’ll LOVE the Daring Divas community if…

• You are a successful, visionary entrepreneur (think: currently making an impact and making your living through your biz).

• At its core, your business is designed to make a positive difference in the world in some way.

• You have an abundance mindset - you believe there’s room for all of us at the top and get psyched about celebrating your sisters’ successes.

• You leave a trail of bright light and positive vibes wherever you go. You believe in kindness over criticism, and hugs over handshakes.

• You are committed to investing in your personal and professional growth.

• You value keepin’ it real. You’re willing to get a little vulnerable and let us get to know the real you.

• “Being daring” is one of your daily practices. You know that growth can’t happen in your comfort zone.


We are visionary entrepreneurs, change makers and leaders.

We value community over competition. And we believe in leaving chit chat and small talk at the door. In our world of shallow, online interactions, we relish in joining together IN PERSON to connect with each other in a real, uplifting and supportive environment each month.

Our primary purpose for being members of Daring Divas is to build friendships that support our businesses AND our personal lives… not just sell you our awesome services.

At the same time, if you want to invest in our services, we welcome that! We believe in supporting each other in ALL ways, including sending business to each other within the group when it’s a good fit.

Oh, and we’ll probably give you a hug when you attend, we hope you’re ok with that;-)


Since we launched in 2011, Daring Divas has hosted over 600 social events and workshops to support you in building your biz.

The best part is that most of our events are FREE and listed on our calendar a year in advance so you can plan ahead!

We do have a small handful of events that are only open to our Impact Tribe members. These include monthly Impact Sessions and the Impact Tribe holiday and summer parties. All Impact Tribe events are clearly stated at the top of the event page.

What’s the Impact Tribe? Learn more here: (Link coming soon)


Show up!

As with all things, you get out what you put in.

If you go to the gym once and never return, you probably won’t get get lean and strong.

Same goes for Daring Divas. When you show up to our events consistently you’ll build relationships that lead to exciting business opportunities and lasting friendships.


Want to kick your Daring Divas membership up a notch?

Our Impact Tribe offers business training, masterminding, intimate networking and visibility opportunities for women entrepreneurs on a mission to make an impact.

Find out all the details and join here: (Link coming soon)


Jessie May is a personal-branding and tribe-building strategist for visionary entrepreneurs who need to be the inspirational face of their business so they can attract a lot of followers to their message!

She's a true believer that the more you bring YOURSELF to the forefront of your brand, the more your business will thrive. So she's set out to transform forgettable businesses into memorable brands that reflect the business owner's essence and attract tribes of raving fans.

She does this by helping her international clientele pull together 3 key areas that must be aligned for their brands to communicate a clear signal to the tribe they want to attract: 1) Brand Visuals (logo development, website design, etc.), 2) Brand Messaging (website copy, naming, signature story, tagline, etc.), and 3) Brand Offerings (packaging and pricing your work into clear programs that align with your brand).

Jessie May is so passionate about creating community, that in 2017, after years of being asked “how she built the thriving Daring Divas Meetup group”, she launched her “Meetup Mastery” course, where she teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage Meetup to build their businesses and make a positive impact in their communities.

Learn more about Jessie May here: (link coming soon)

Learn more about Daring Divas here: (link coming soon)


Now that you’ve read this far and you’re excited to join us, go RSVP for our next event right now! Seriously, do it now so you don’t forget - we know how full your life is:-)

We can’t wait to meet you!

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