Answering Your Soul's Call and Turning it into Wealth w/ Rachel Jayne Groover

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Are you a coach, consultant, artist, healer, or entrepreneur who wants to attract a bigger audience for your message, but admit you have the brakes on to some degree?

Along with a purposeful, meaningful career, do you want to set up your business in the right way so it creates consistent cash flow and wealth for your future?

Does fear sometimes stop you from putting yourself ‘out there’ even though you know you are here to live your Soul’s purpose without apology?

Are you sick of seeing others on your social media feed who are less talented and less “in integrity” making more money and impact than you are?

Do you dream of having a presentation that is fun to give and leads to a rush of ideal clients? Are you looking for answers as to why you’re not easily attracting the clients you want?

Before Rachael Jayne Groover began to practice the work she now teaches, she dreamed of inspiring people. She wanted to speak with presence. She longed to create a movement of some sort. But despite how conscious she was of her issues, she couldn’t put herself out there in a consistent enough way, with the higher-prices she needed to charge to make her coaching and workshop business work.

During this time together, Rachael Jayne will share the primary reasons why things turned around in a big way for her and show you practical tools that will help you:

➢ Up-level your Sacred Mission
➢ Design Your Compelling Messag
➢ And Learn How to Expand Your Reach


➢ Those who aren’t clear on their purpose, but know they are here to
have their own business or message.
➢ Those who are clear about aspects of their purpose, but are searching for more clarity and how to live it on their own terms without keeping the brakes on and without apology.
➢ Those who are already living their purpose, but want to live into the fullest and highest expression of it.
➢ Those who want to reach WAY more people with their message.


➢ How to uncover what makes you different so you can stand out in your field.
➢ How to offer services that are spiritual and/or hard to explain, and do so in a way that is effective and produces a high income for YOU.
➢ How to uncover the part of your personal story that your Higher Self wants you to share that you haven’t been sharing.
➢ How to turn your purpose into financial flow that will help you make a bigger impact.
➢ How to reconcile the resistance around living your purpose and truly being seen.
➢ How to 'Own the Stage' as a Thought-Leader and turn your presentations into clients and customers.
➢ How to design a compelling ‘TED Talk’ idea and primary marketing message.


Rachael Jayne Groover is the author of the best-selling book "Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention You Want."

Overcoming stage-fright and an enormous fear of rejection, she became an award-winning vocalist and finished her full-time singing career performing to a live audience of 40,000 people, before making the leap to live in the USA and become an inspirational speaker and personal development trainer.

She is the creator of The Art of Feminine Presence trainings that are offered worldwide. She founded The YIN Project and the Feminine
Learn more about Rachael Jayne Groover at:

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