Daring Divas Photoshoot Party

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Want to be part of a very unique Daring Divas event?

It’s no secret we love capturing connections and special moments at our events with photos… ;) And now, we want to take that love to the next level with a professional Daring Divas Photoshoot!

If you’re a Daring Diva, we invite you to join us in capturing our community’s essence in a one-of-a-kind group photoshoot.

After the photoshoot, we’ll be gathering to foster our connections over food and drink at BarTaco on Pearl St.


➤ We’ll meet at the Riverside where Jessie May will walk us through an exercise to help us get into our bodies; then she'll share a mini photoshoot training.

➤ Arrive camera ready - don't stress or go overboard with makeup. We want you to be yourself. A couple tips for clothes/makeup: 1) form-fitting clothes look best in pictures, 2) if you have a matte powder for your face, bring it along to reduce shine, especially if it's hot out.

➤ We'll be walking, so wear appropriate shoes. During the photoshoot, we'll walk from the Riverside to the park next door, and then from the park to Pearl Street for dinner.

➤ You’ll have plenty of time to network and grow your connections in a different kind of experience and setting!


• Enthusiastic energy and a big smile to help us capture awesome photos!
• Water!
• Layers in case it’s a chilly summer's eve.
• Shoes you can walk in.
• Business cards if you have them – but it’s not required.


WHEN: Thursday, July 11 5:30-7:30
WHERE: We’re starting at The Riverside and ending at BarTaco
WHO: Everyone is welcome!


Lisa has had a successful career as a live concert photographer, shooting stage portraits exclusively on b/w film & has worked for some of the top concert venues & artists in the world. She has also shot more than 300 weddings & countless portraits & events over her 20-year career. She's now delving into her soul work by creating the Lumin Project which aims to shed light onto marginalized people, forgotten culture & the unseen. She seeks to create images that will help us see and understand each other more compassionately. You can learn more about Lisa and her work at: http://www.dogdazephoto.com/ and on this exclusive CPR interview