The Fear Factor: Stop Your Mind from Hijacking Your Dreams (Boulder)

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Are you ready to unlock the power of your mind and leave behind the bossy, mean voice that keeps pushing you around?

Do You Find That:

No matter how many positive affirmations you try, you can’t seem to stop the negative thoughts in your mind? Your mind obsesses about your worst fears no matter how much you try to distract it? As you attempt to take the first steps towards what you truly want that ‘old story’ comes zooming in to sabotage your efforts? Feel stuck in outdated beliefs and the same repeating thoughts that zap your energy and leave you drained and uninspired? You don't have the tools to understand your challenges and blocks?

Do You Want:

To discover ways to clear your mind? To break free of repeating thoughts? To work with the mind rather than against it? To take action steps toward your dreams without your mind halting you along the way? To learn the tools that bypass the mind to follow your heart and intuition? Join Daring Divas USA, and facilitator Elizabeth Joy Mueller for this two hour workshop, where we will discover how the mind works against you, often as your worst enemy, in sabotaging your dreams and desires, keeping you stuck in fear. We will uncover why the mind stops you and what you can do to unravel the old stories and bring your mind into the here and now.

Using interactive exercises and direct experience, we will demystify the mind and how it uses fear in your life. Together, let’s experience your mind in alignment with the wholeness of you, rather than letting it be the overriding bossy-pants of your life!


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Testimonials About Elizabeth:

"Now, when doubts come up, I don’t give in to them. I don’t listen to those voices of doubt anymore."
~Dana Joy Altman, Creator, Real Food Rehab, Chicago, IL
"The first and foremost significant improvement of working with Elizabeth is a new-found CLARITY. Oh my goddess, I came to her with a big life decision, a lot of mental static and various voices that were not my deepest wisdom.
After working with Elizabeth, I was as clear and clean as a Northern Minnesota lake."
~Rochelle Schieck, Founder, Qoya, NY
"What I realized during my work with Elizabeth is that I was connecting to my soul. This incredible feeling that was all at once familiar and yet new was, as best as I can explain it, was my soul’s vibration shining directly from my heart.
It was completely peaceful. My mind was at rest. And I didn’t have one thought."
~Madelina Blanton, New Jersey
About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth is the catalyst most women need to move from overwhelm and frustration to a life of purpose, freedom and authentic self-expression. She’s dedicated herself to easing women through the transition of becoming more aware of their soul in their everyday life.
This has nothing to do with abandoning norms and fleeing to the open arms of a guru who entrances you with mysterious healer lingo. No. This is about being grounded. Connected. Set free in a way that puts you powerfully at the helm of your own life so you can live meaningfully, intuitively and in a way that honors your heart’s deepest yearning.
Elizabeth has an uncanny way of guiding others to calm the mind and discover firsthand what it feels like to discover the quiet, spacious, and infinite self within. You can learn more about Elizabeth at
Coming soon . . . in partnership with Daring Divas USA, Elizabeth will also be offering, Charting Your Life Path & Career: Uncover Your Strengths and Direction (, a six week course starting on October 23rd, 2012.

If you've never been to Boulder Center for Conscious Community, give yourself some extra time to find us. The address is[masked]th Street, Boulder, CO 80302. If you type in the 80301 zip code like they have on their website you will be taken to the wrong address on the other side of town.
Boulder Center for Conscious Community is located in the Buffalo Village shopping center at 28th and Arapahoe - the same shopping center as Video Station and Qudoba. It is tucked in the SW corner between Max Muscle and a nail place. Here's a picture to help you identify the entrance when you arrive: