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Dark of the Moon Circle is a once a month event on or near the night of the new moon focused on the creative and receptive powers of feminine divine, with grandmother moon and her emotional healing power as our focus. This circle is for women only. We use an inclusive definition of “women” as in all women identified persons are welcome. Please feel free to contact the organizer if you have questions as to how this pertains to you in advance.

We come together to release and receive so we can begin a new energetic cycle for the next about 30 days. To open ourselves up and set our intentions. To enter sacred space together, go within, and feel supported and connected to other women by spirit. By bearing witness to each other's words, we heal. Through love and support we empower and comfort each other.

During our circle there will be meditation and visualization, light ceremony and prayer, energetic and intuitive exercises, sharing circle, and possibly a creative exercises. There are always educational discussions in relation to many different spiritual topics and healing modalities from different faiths and religions from around the world. We also will discuss the astrological energy that the current new moon brings. Each circle will be a bit different as we go through the seasons and the stars. Past circles have included mantra chants, chakra healing exercises, automatic writing, higher-self meditations, group song, and much more.

You do not need to have any experience with women's circles or spirituality groups to attend. This is for those first exploring their spirituality and power as women, to the venerable sage, and everyone else in between. We will be incorporating eastern and western spiritual philosophies with a basis in nature based spirituality. Please bring an open mind and an open heart as we connect to all that comes with the message of love!

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