Street Photography Workshop with Olaf Willoughby


Price: $95.00
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Darkroom Gallery is excited to announce a street photography workshop with Olaf Willoughby (! $95 for a two-day workshop with in the field shooting and post instruction.

This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of street photography.

A Love Affair with Life - getting the most out of your street photography

This is a practical workshop which concentrates on improving your street shooting. We’ll be looking at four different techniques for capturing that elusive decisive moment and experimenting with a couple of different visual styles. We’ll tackle the tricky topic of eye contact and touch on storytelling. Shooting in the field on Saturday will be followed by group presentation and feedback sessions on Sunday. Exploring different approaches to street photography will be challenging but inspiring!

From Olaf's Website:

"It’s about capturing life in the street, revealing the drama in the everyday. That’s it. Like any good photograph it needs to exude an energy which resonates with the viewer. It may capture a decisive moment, highlight drama and tension or just pose a question."

There will be a two hour introductory class session in the gallery on Saturday morning 9 AM-11 PM and then we will travel to Burlington to enjoy a Farmers' Market lunch & field session where everyone will have the opportunity to try their hand at street photography. On Sunday morning 10 AM- 1 PM the class will reconvene to critique images from the previous day’s shoot.

Materials you will need for the class are your own digital camera/phone and a laptop to upload your images on for the follow-up critique. You must posses a strong understanding of your equipment before the workshop as the instruction is not on the technical aspects of photography, but on the genre's creative approach.

About the Instructor:

Olaf enjoys an excellent relationship with Leica UK, being one of a number of photographers video interviewed about using the classic Leica M rangefinder camera. He is co-founder of a Facebook/website group called The Leica Meet. Started in Aug 2013, it now has almost 10,000 members. His work has been exhibited in the UK and the USA and he has authored articles for leading photography magazines and guest blogged on top photo websites. Olaf is a photographer and writer living in London. His work is about Pattern Detection. Exploring the ebb and flow of energy around us. It is also diverse, involving everything from advocacy to collaborative projects, from multiple exposures to street photography. In advocacy he has visted the Antarctic twice and authored a book titled, ‘Antarctica A Sense of Place’ which the WWF sent as an ebook to their global top 5,000 donors.

In commercial work he has photographed the Soweto String Orchestra in Trafalgar Sq, London, outside the South African Embassy on Nelson Mandela’s birthday. He has just published a book, 'On Tongue Tip Turn a Thousand Times, Moments Frozen in Photography & Haiku Poetry' using abstract imagery to illustrate the beautiful and intense verses of haiku poems.

In 2016 with Eileen McCarney Muldoon, he’ll be co-teaching Visual Conversations workshops at Maine Media Workshops + College (, in New York and at Leica UK, plus running a Street Photography course in Brooklyn. They have also published 'Visualising Poetry', a book celebrating the power of words and images. Getting work out there is important. It was John Cage who said that he didn't feel his work actually existed until someone had heard it. Publishing a single image, showing a project in an exhibition, or seeing a book in print is exciting. As work comes to a fruition it marks an ending. And endings contain new beginnings......