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If you RSVPed when there was no date - please adjust your RSVP accordingly.

We are not requiring prepayment and seating is limited so please update RSVP if something changes and you can't make it so someone else can grab your spot.

This will be a three hour class including in class exercises. Bring your camera and questions!

We can figure it out in class but if possible know how to change exposure modes on your camera, set the ISO, f/stop, shutter speed, white balance and how to access the histogram if available


Get your camera to do what you want - rather than settle for what it does. Learn how to look at a scene the way your camera sees it and then get the exposure YOU want. Learn how to use the effects of exposure control as creative tools.

Exposure is the place to start with photography since it is all about controlling how your camera interacts with light. No light . . . No photography.

If you want to understand exposure, how your camera measures light, the ways you or your camera control exposure, and what the effect of each of those controls has on the resultant photo; than you will have a lot to gain from this class.

Some of the common questions we'll cover: How does your camera decide how much light to let in? What is f-stop all about? Why does your camera consistently expose incorrectly in certain situations?

If you are looking for recipes on how to set your camera to shoot fireworks, or waterfalls - you can find that on-line. We teach concepts that you can apply to these and many other situations you will encounter.

I plan to cover:

Film/Sensor sensitivity Aperture Shutter Speed F/stop Scale Camera metering White Balance The Histogram Special situations where your camera will typically get it wrong. Bring your camera. there will be a in class exercises. All attendees will receive a coupon to enter up to three photos into any of the Dark Room Gallery's future juried exhibits.

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