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What is Data First London?
Mission: To empower people working in data to make better decisions

Data First London is a community of people who want to use data to make their company successful. They have their own ideas and opinions on how to be effective but want a forum to be challenged and learn from others. Analysts, data leads, data scientists, data engineers - driving better decision making with data.

What should I expect from a Data First event?

The most effective data teams are the ones that have found a way to scale their impact throughout their organisation. At Data First we’ll explore the different ways teams are doing this: which organisational structures set teams up for success, how do you make sure you’re hiring data professionals that truly have an impact, which tools are the most effective teams using and many other similar topics.

Who is behind Data First London?

Dataform is a data transformation tool for managing data in your cloud warehouse. Every day we meet data leaders having a significant impact on their companies growth. We learn something new from each company we meet and want to create that same learning opportunity for all leaders in data teams.

Check out https://dataform.co/ to learn more.

We're excited to be partnering with Few&Far ( https://fewandfar.io/ ). Few&Far have designed a new approach to recruitment. They help you attract, build and sustain your product teams. Whether you’re a startup looking to establish the foundations for successful growth or a scaling business that needs to efficiently hire at speed, Few&Far can help you attract, build and sustain your teams - covering Product, Data, Engineering and Design.

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