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Big Data: Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Rewards

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Dr. Samuel Franklin, PhD.
Senior Analytical Lead at Google Inc.

Summary of talk:

Conversations about Big Data are becoming increasingly common in boardrooms all over the world. Organizations are making significant investments in data collection and warehousing projects with the expectation that Big Data will yield Big Rewards. But, there are significant risks associated with owning large data stores.

Like any other business initiative, Big Data’s potential for reward is counterbalanced by financial and security risks. Maintaining data collection and storage infrastructure requires hardware, energy, and skilled IT professionals. Possessing large amounts of data, especially customer data, exposes an organization to hacking and corporate espionage threats that can severely impact both business operations and public relations.

This presentation will outline a number of strategic actions organizations should take to minimize the risks and maximize the rewards of Big Data. The discussion will highlight key human resource requirements, program planning considerations, and data policy frameworks.


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