Handling Billions Of Edges in a Graph Database


Note on location: The "Academic Building 1" (abbreviated ACAD) is sometimes called "Student Commons Building" (SCB) on some maps. It's the new building that was constructed right on Speer about four years ago (and so hasn't made it to all campus maps yet).


6:00pm Pizza and networking
6:30pm Handling Billions Of Edges in a Graph Database, by Michael Hackstein, ArangoDB GmbH
8:00pm Tentative: network at Euclid Hall (http://euclidhall.com)

Abstract: Handling Billions Of Edges in a Graph Database

The complexity and amount of data rises. Modern graph databases are designed to handle the complexity but still not for the amount of data. When hitting a certain size of a graph, many dedicated graph databases reach their limits in vertical or, most common, horizontal scalability. In this talk I'll provide a brief overview about current approaches and their limits towards scalability. Dealing with complex data in a complex system doesn't make things easier... but more fun finding a solution. Join me on my journey to handle billions of edges in a graph database.

Bio: Michael Hackstein

Michael Hackstein is a Senior Graph Specialist @ ArangoDB GmbH. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and is the creator of ArangoDBs graph capabilities. During his academic career he focused on complex algorithms and especially graph databases. Michael is an internationally experienced speaker who loves salad, cake and clean code.