Data Science and the Internet of Things

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In collaboration with the IoTBE - the Belgian Internet of Things Community (


18:30 – Update on our Data4Good activities with Doctors without borders (MSF (

18:45 – Update on our Hands-On session about Social Network Analysis (

19:00 – Presentation – The Internet of Things & Data Sciences – Mr Frederik Santens ( (IoT be group)

19:30 – Presentation – Erik Mannens (, Prof. PhD. MEng. MSc.- Prof. on Big Data Semantics @ iMinds-MMLab

20:15 – Presenation – Prof. Ann Nowé (, head of the VUB ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE LAB (

21:00 – Round Tabel Q&A & Wrap up Philippe Van Impe (

21:30 – Networking in KultuurKaffee ( – Celebrating our >500 members


It's Official: The Internet Of Things Takes Over #BigData ( As The Most Hyped Technology ( #IoT (

The Internet of Things (IOT) will soon produce a massive volume and variety of data at unprecedented velocity. If "Big Data" is the product of the IOT, "Data Science" is it's soul.
. Let's define our terms:
. Internet of Things (IOT): equipping all physical and organic things in the world with identifying intelligent devices allowing the near real-time collecting and sharing of data between machines and humans. The IOT era has already begun, albeit in it's first primitive stage.
. Data Science: the analysis of data creation. May involve machine learning, algorithm design, computer science, modeling, statistics, analytics, math, artificial intelligence and business strategy.
. Big Data: the collection, storage, analysis and distribution/access of large data sets. Usually includes data sets with sizes beyond the ability of standard software tools to capture, curate, manage, and process the data within a tolerable elapsed time.
. We are in the pre-industrial age of data technology and science used to process and understand data. Yet the early evidence provides hope that we can manage and extract knowledge and wisdom from this data to improve life, business and public services at many levels.