Big Data & Data Sciences


Dedicated session on Big Data. Our friends from ( will explain what issues terabites of data bring, and what architectures are required to be able to manage it. We will have Agoria ( talking about key projects they support where data analytics play a major role, followed by talks from companies involved in BigData projects.


•18:30 Update on recent activities and developments by Philippe Van Impe (

• 19:00 Wim Van Leuven ( about Big Data and the influence of data science

• 19:30 Daan Gerits ( about the technological challenges around BigData and what the ideal IT architecture should look like

• 20:00 Ferdinand Casier ( about 2 current projects at Agoria (EluciDATA and Made Different) where companies from different sectors are supported in their data innovation and data analytics challenge..

• 20:45 Karim Douïeb ( The pro & cons of the open-source data analytics cluster computing framework called Spark. How it is helping us to perform analytics on large amount of telco/banking data. How to convey the insights provided by this analysis through data visualisation using D3.js

• 21:30 Networking in Kultuurkaffee (