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Data Science Nottingham meetup topics include (but are not limited to) :

Data science, Machine learning, Data analytics, Artificial intelligence, Computer vision.

The meetup hosts events and invite speakers to talk about their experience, problems, solutions in the related topics and technologies.

We are also planning to organise workshops to collaborate and work on related business and real-world problems.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have some ideas you would like to discuss.

Upcoming events (3)

TALK: Transforming human-based services to augmented and data-driven

Engineering & Science Learning Centre, University Park Campus

Agenda: 6.20 pm: A talk by Dr George Joseph 7.00 pm: Q&A, discussions and chat Abstract: "A story on the journey of creating a data-driven solution from a human-based service. The main focus will be on applied data science methods used to work with financial data for information extraction such as, but not limited to, reading free text, describing data oddities mathematically, machine learning" Bio: "George started as a computational scientist in 2012 and worked at Loughborough University, Nottingham University and did his PhD at Keele University in 2013 in applied data science for biomaterial discovery in Regenerative Medicine. After completing his studies, George took a role in 2017 as a senior data scientist at Liaison specialising in financial consultation and HR analytics. Currently, George is streamlining Liaison's business processes using machine learning for VAT and account payable reviews, soon to move to continuing healthcare and HR all aimed towards Liaison's NHS clients." Content: Maths, statistics, programming, natural language processing, single value decomposition, machine learning (gradient boosted decision trees - xgboost) We will be providing food (Pizza) and drinks which are kindly provided by our sponsor (RP Analytics). *Please don’t forget to RSVP so we have an idea about the numbers attending* See you all at University of Nottingham, Data Science Nottingham team

Predictive analytics with data streams

Agenda: 6 pm: A talk by Dr Grazziela Figueredo 6:30 pm: Q&A, discussions and chat Abstract: Pre-processing, predictive and prescriptive analytics of data streams are areas of increasing research and commercial interest. With the advent of sensor technology, high throughput data devices, web click streams, cloud computing and other technologies for constant big data gathering, there are several open research and business challenges to be addressed. For instance, the dynamic nature of the data streams require algorithms capable of adapting over time to handle data drifts. Furthermore, the methodology employed to address the problem needs to be robust enough to effectively execute the processing and learn the high-speed arrival of data. In this talk we discuss various aspects of data stream mining, focusing on the existing types of data streams, algorithms used based on traditional machine learning methods and their adaptation to concept drifts. We also discuss several opportunities and areas of development in streaming algorithms, which we are working at the moment. We conclude our talk by presenting a practical application of a streaming algorithm developed to identify HGV incident hot spots, implemented in SCALA using Apache Spark. Bio GF is the Research and Innovation Leader and Senior Data Scientist at the Advanced Data Analysis Centre (ADAC) within the Digital Research Service at The University of Nottingham. The focus of her research is the development and application of techniques for systems simulation and intelligent data analysis. Her first PhD focused on developing an immune-inspired algorithm for instance selection in large data sets, at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Her second PhD, completed at the University of Nottingham, focused on the translation of simulation approaches for immunology problems. She has been working with data analysis for a wide range of areas, including academic, medical and industrial clients. Within ADAC, her duties are to conduct independent research, to participate in collaborative research projects, to engage in business interactions, to secure internal and external funding, to supervise undergraduate and post graduate students, to participate in outreach activities and to disseminate scientific outcomes. As part of a more general ADAC remit, her job is to manage research projects and consultancy within the University of Nottingham and externally, with the mission to enhance current research and business by providing state-of-the-art tools and expertise in Data Science. In addition, she worked closely with several major companies, such as Ford, Microlise, Games Workshop and Unilever supporting data analytics teams, providing consultancy, promoting research knowledge transfer activities, as well as facilitating knowledge transfer partnerships (KTPs) and Innovate UK initiatives. Currently she is one of the academic advisors for a KTP with a company named PxTech in Derby. She was the academic researcher in the VEDAT Innovate UK project with Microlise (ref[masked]). We will be providing food (Pizza) and drinks which are kindly provided by our sponsor (RP Analytics). *Please don’t forget to RSVP so we have an idea about the numbers attending* See you all at University of Nottingham, Data Science Nottingham team

Applied Data Science as a project - a professional and HR case study

Engineering Science Learning Centre

Agenda: 6.20 pm: A talk by Dr Rafael Valero-Fernandez 7.00 pm: Q & A, discussion and chat Abstract: "More projects arise involving applied Data Science, the relatively new buzz-word. Regardless of the resources poured on such projects, the risk of delayed or failed projects has not changed. There are different ways to prevent both, from organisational management, agile methodologies, to support software used to coordinate and collaborate, algorithms and other related frameworks. In this talk, the overall view of Data Science projects will be presented with a focus on Human Resource case studies." Bio: "Rafael has a PhD and a Masters in Quantitative Economics and Degrees in Economics and Management. His work expands to policy evaluation such as the the impact evaluation of the implementation of different laws in the labour market and the impact of the coordination at European level road safety policies. He is currently involved in developing recommender systems, survey interpretation, text processing and he is currently working within the Human Resources casuistic at Barclays." Rafael's linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rafael-valero-fernandez-b9269a58/ and meetup profile: https://www.meetup.com/Data-Science-Nottingham/members/203198976/ Soft skill and professionalism content: Stakeholder management, agile methodology, collaboration, business value Data science specific content: maths, statistics, programming (python), natural language processing, word lemmatization, survey analysis, topic modelling (latent Dirichlet allocation), machine learning We will be providing pizza and drinks which are kindly provided by our sponsor, RP Analytics. *Please don’t forget to RSVP so we have an idea about the numbers attending* See you all at University of Nottingham, Data Science Nottingham team

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