AI with Dobot (Robotic Arm) - and launch of the AI lab

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Hello all
Over the summer, we have been working on the Dobot ( implementing various AI algorithms

So, I am pleased to announce the meetup for a demo of the Dobot robotic Arm and AI algorithms implemented on it (as below)
The meetup is open to all
The initiative is part of the AI labs we have launched at eOffice (

*** What will we demo ***
An introduction to how a robotic can interact with voice and video.
In this session, we will show how a few lines of code can be used to:
1. Control the dobot using voice. (NLP)
2. Use image processing to control the movement of dobot (CNN).
This session is pitched at beginners level and intended to get people from different background excited about robotics and AI.

** Who **
Led by AI labs member Dr Saed Hussain
Saed Hussain has been an R&D scientist within Thales UK for 2 years. He is currently working as a Digital Technology Lead in the aviation business of Thales UK, where he promoting data driven technology and application of AI within the industry. He is passionate about robotics, IoT and AI applications. He has a PhD in Neural Network applications and a BEng (Hons) in Robotics.

Supported by Barend Botha and David Jay

** About the AI labs ***
The lab allows its members to learn AI and showcase their skills through open source using a Robotics platform
Many of you are already participants(Dan, Saed, Neelima, Rama, Andy Bovey, Ahmad, David Moss and others)

The lab functions as a supportive Club to learn and build various AI models in Open Source in context of Robotics(especially NLP, Computer vision, Reinforcement learning and GANs)

If you want to join the lab, please email me. We are conducting a pilot from now March.

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