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The purpose of this group is to bring together all people interested, involved and passionate about data visualization.

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Data Visualization Design Meetup @ Quid
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Panelists: Jadam Kahn, Uber James Mullholland, Platfora Phil VanderBroek, Trifacta Oriana Love, Quid Format: Lightening talk by each of the panelist (2-5 mins)... may include a quick demo/presentation if they want. launch into some panel topics open for questions Panel Topics: Introduction to people including a quick overview of the data viz space, the product each of us are representing and some supporting visualization The relationship between choosing data and the perceived “truth" the ethical responsibility of encoding, choosing and presenting data the difference between designing for a well-defined need (or common request) and a less prescriptive exploratory uses the purpose of data viz use case driven design for data viz the need to understand data structures as a designer the need to understand/explore the data and its relationships balancing best practices, convention, and personal style the balance between pushing the boundaries and creating an approachable visualization the difference between between designing for a static data source and an ever changing/unpredictable data stream read-only versus conversational visualization (i.e. visualizations that can be influenced by user interaction either explicitly or implicitly) user testing: the need to validate the utility of surface attributes and the usability of the visual paradigm used the future of design and visualization

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