What we're about

I started this meetup for data professionals to network, share, discuss issues, and exchange ideas. This will include discussion on data model, meta model, enterprise data, big data, data warehouse, datamart, physical model, conceptual model, SQL, ETL, flat dataset, ESDS, KSDS, cloud data, IoT data, data redundancy, dimensional modeling, ER model, data security, cross platform, distributed DB, data parsing. Using API to access 3rd party data feeds. logical keys vs physical identifiers. The subjective 3rd normal form.

Please forward papers or outlines you'd like to present to the group.

If you are not a data subject matter expert or you're high level and never implemented a physical DB, you're most likely in the wrong meetup. The group does not exist to convince high level self proclaimed consultants the difference between conceptual vs physical vs implementational DB. Or how data exist before process. We are data centric. Sure a process may exist with out doing anything with data. However, from a data science and computerization perspective there is nothing to automate. If you don't understand that, you're most likely in the wrong meetup. You should not promote yourself as a data professional, you cause more issues than solutions.

The dues are for meeting space and filter out who join for the sake of joining.

Our meetings may be held during business hours. You should be in a position to schedule your time accordingly, otherwise you're in the wrong group.

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