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#3 London Meetup: Analytics with Snowplow and Monzo

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David C. and Adam H.
#3 London Meetup: Analytics with Snowplow and Monzo


It's my pleasure to announce the 3rd London Datacouncil meetup, with a fantastic line-up of speakers!

Steve Coppin-Smith, Head of Engineering at Snowplow Analytics will be discussing why your analytics strategy has to be a prime citizen of the delivery process - and what tools you can use to achieve this.

Stephen Whitworth, Engineering Lead at Monzo will talk about how (and why?) to migrate a bank to dbt - and how the migration worked out for them.

Alastair Turner from Pivotal will show us how the pgAudit extension can help provide detailed, specific logging for activity auditing, a key requirement in many environments.

Special thanks to Snowplow Analytics for sponsoring this event (

Event details:

6:30pm – Doors open, networking, pizza and drinks

7:00pm - Talks begin

9.00pm - Networking and final beer

Talk 1:
Issue with tracking? Fail that build!

Speaker: Steve Coppin-Smith, Head of Engineering at Snowplow Analytics

Steve's focus is on supporting the Engineering team in making the most of their time and talent. Before venturing in to the world of data with Snowplow, he has spent time as an engineer and team lead on projects in travel, content, communities and education. Steve's key interest is in building high performing, self-managed, scalable engineering teams.

Abstract: Your analytics strategy must be a primary citizen of the software delivery process in order to become a truly data driven business. Successfully collecting valid events is a largely solved problem, but were they a complete representation of the customer journey? Data and software delivery teams need to collaborate on the definition of this journey and better still assert that the product meets these requirements before being given to customers. At Snowplow, we've been building tools to help drive this process and bring teams together.

Talk 2:
Migrating a bank to dbt

Speaker: Stephen Whitworth, Engineering Lead at Monzo

Stephen is an Engineering Lead at Monzo, where he currently runs the Data Engineering team. Before Monzo, he co-founded and ran various machine learning and engineering teams at Ravelin. He lives in London, and is uncomfortable with referring to himself in the third person.

Abstract: Monzo recently migrated their entire analytics function to run on dbt - a tool for managing transformation in data warehouses. In this talk, I'll go through why we chose dbt, the process of how we went about it, what went well, and some of the challenges we faced.

Talk 3:
Activity auditing with pgAudit

Speaker: Alastair Turner, Data Engineering at Pivotal

Alastair has been doing what his wife describes as “He's in computers” for very nearly 25 years. During this time he has coded around all things database from Access to Universe, exploring ways to capture, torture and display data - before going to the dark(er) side as a Sales Engineer. When this allows him the time, Alastair is an occasional contributor to a number of open-source projects.

Abstract: Activity auditing is a key requirement for database technologies in many environments. While Postgres logging can log a lot of detail, parsing details out of logged query text can be painful and it's easy to get it wrong. Join Alastair Turner from Pivotal to learn how the pgAudit extension can help you to provide detailed, specific logging of the session and object activity that matters. With improved management of privilege escalation thrown in as a bonus.

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52 Tabernacle Street · London
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