Monitoring in Google Cloud Dataflow || AWS Lambda Best Practices

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6:00 - Doors & Food
6:30 - Talk 1
7:15 - Talk 2
7:45 - Wrap & Chat

**Talk 1: Monitoring and Measuring Performance in Google Cloud's Dataflow**
Speaker: Leigh Pember, Google Cloud Customer Engineer @Google
This intermediate-level session will dive into some of the different ways to measure, monitor and debug performance when running Dataflow jobs in Google Cloud. The session will primarily be centered around a demo and some of the insights will be applicable to open source Apache Beam whereas others will be more specific to GCP Dataflow. I put together this presentation based on lessons learned from debugging Dataflow with a GCP gaming/media customer, but the demo and examples should be generally applicable to anyone running these jobs in the cloud. Some high level topics will include important metrics and their meaning, logging, pipeline code optimization and infrastructure resource utilization.

**Talk 2: Best Practices and Container reuse in AWS Lambda**
*Speaker:* Angela Razzell, Senior Software Engineer @ Capital One
AWS Lambda’s Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) saves developer time by removing the need to manage infrastructure and scaling. During this talk, Angela will demonstrate the powers and pitfalls of setting up your lambdas the right way. By following these best practices in your code, you can improve the running time and efficiencies of lambda functions. Connecting to other services such as databases are expensive operations and handling these tasks correctly can shave the execution time to a fraction of the cold start value - especially valuable in a real-time context. Angela Razzell is a Senior Data Engineer at Capital One, currently working on a messaging application in Retail Direct Bank.