Data Donderdag #23 - Milk and the mind

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The 23rd edition of Data Donderdag takes place on July 12 at the Anchormen office. We have several interesting and inspring speakers on the agenda, so don't miss out on this edition!

FrieslandCampina - How brands grow? Our journey at FrieslandCampina...

Ashkan Roshanayi will tell you how FrieslandCampina used online public data as a proxy to understand the offline behavior of their end users in Asia and unlocked a %25+ growth opportunity using that insight. Ashkan is Global Technology Manager for commerce data. He leads FrieslandCampina commerce to skip data buzzwords and put their maybe-boring data to drive super-not-boring business growth in 100+ countries.

mindtrace: Content experience testing, how a webcam can help.

Businesses have always tried to get a better idea of their customers. Using simple interviews, over to focus groups, or online surveys. The same has occurred in the online world with analytics platforms tracking every step and A/B testing. Each new approach has improved the insight into the customer a little better. This time, we talk about how a webcam could offer even more insight, if coupled with the latest advancements of computer vision and machine learning.

Adjmal Sarwary is the CEO and one of the founders of mindtrace. He studied the human mind and obtained his PhD in computational neuroscience from the Donders Institute for Brain Research.

MAG45 - Project HUGO: search, match and find millions of articles

MAG45, part of the Solar Group, is an integrated supply service provider for industrial applications. They facilitate a large part of the purchase process of their clients; meaning that they purchase more than 1,5 million different items from several thousand suppliers. Learn from Laurent Chavagne, Business Innovation Director at MAG45, how project HUGO helped him getting a grip on all this data and reducing their onboarding time of new customers from 12 to 3 months.