The 10,000 Minute Lecture on Support Vector Machines

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Welcome to The 10,000 Minute Lecture workshop. This is your opportunity to learn hands-on a wide variety of data science skills at this 1.5-hour online lecture.

The online lecture is FREE. Your laptop must have Anaconda 3.6 pre-installed before you begin the workshop. Find the software here:

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06:30 pm - 08:00 pm: Support Vector Machines


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Topic: Support Vector Machines

Instructor : Shraddha Surana, Senior Data Scientist at ThoughtWorks

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About the instructor:

Shraddha is a data scientist and consultant at Thoughtworks. She has a keen interest in data science & machine learning. she has completed her Masters in Technology with major in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning where her thesis involved detecting network intrusions using fuzzy clustering and artificial neural networks. Shraddha has worked on various business domain projects like price optimisation, predicting customer churn, text analytics, route optimisation problems, chat bots. Currently she's working in a research project in the Astrophysics domain.

Learning Outcomes: Understand the principles behind Support Vector Machines and it's usage for solving ML problems

Key takeaways:
1. Intution behind support vectors and SVM
2. Applications of SVM in ML
3. Working of SVM
4. Implementation of SVM in Python


The online lecture is FREE of cost to attend
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