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@CitiBikeNYC & #BikeNYC #CivicHackNight, sponsored by OpenShift

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Welcome to our second hacknight partnering with BetaNYC dedicated to @CitiBikeNYC and #BikeNYC data, sponsored by OpenShift.

Since our last citibike themed hacknight, riders of the system continue to spin up impressive numbers. As of 17 July, over 60,000 annual members have subscribed, over 1 million trips have been taken with over 2 million miles have be ridden!!

Additionally, NYC CitiBike launched its system data portal ( and Frank launched a CitiBike Google Group!

While we wait to have a DC like bikeshare dashboard, we are hosting a follow up night profiling YOUR citibike & bikenyc projects. If you are working with bike data, sign up to present a 3 min demo. Apply to present here.

(PS - Don't feel embarrassed if your tool / site / dashboard is incomplete, share it! We want to see it!)

Hacknight Agenda:
6:45 - 7:15 - Project Showcase (demo YOUR tools!) & demo of OpenShift.
7:20 - 9:00 - Hacking
9:00 - 9:30 - Insights and Cleanup

To get you excited, check out some of the data links on BetaNYC's page (, plus demos discussed in the comments.

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