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Discuss Open Data with Chris Davis and Cordaid!

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Stadsdeel Centrum - Gemeente Amsterdam, Rooszaal

Amstel 1 · Amsterdam

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Route description: Best entrance is from Zwanenburgwal, entrance across the bridge of Staalstraat, and then left at the sliding doors. When inside the building, look for room Rooszaal.

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As the power of data increases, so will the importance of Open Data. These open data can be used to get a better insight in many topics that touch upon the lives of all of us: health, infrastructure, air and soil quality, and much, much more.

Even more, many MDO's and NGO's are required to be transparent and prove open data on what they do and how they spent the money of their donors. Once the work of organising the data is done, the same information can then be used by these organisations to better understand, present, report and optimise their activities; as well as by coordination agencies to aggregate these individual efforts into a big picture of global development.

In our second event we will have two speakers presenting about both the chances and the challenges related to open data: Chris Davis will speak about his research on open data, and Roderick Bess from Cordaid will speak about the importance of open data for MDO's.

Program for the evening:

• 18.00: Doors open, and we all get some drinks and pizza

• 18.45: Short presentations from datamission and our host, the Gemeente Amsterdam

• 19.00: Visions of the Web of Open Data by Chris Davis

• 19.45: Impact of open data on MDO's by Roderick Besseling (Cordaid)

• 20.45: Technical-brainstorm/mini-hackathon on possible uses of IATI files

• 22.00: Doors close

Visions of the Web of Open Data by Chris Davis

Within the past decade a significant increase in open data has occurred due to a large global push for governments to release data that has already been paid for by public money. Part of the value of this goes beyond just that of individual data sets, but involves opportunities arising through combining data sets to enable new insights and new types of applications to be built.

This talk discusses experiences in combining open data about the energy sector, gained through the development of Several themes are elaborated on such as the promise of Linked Open Data given the reality of what can be termed "Tedious Data", and how the nature of official versus crowdsourced data is quite different than what is commonly perceived. Essentially, data does not exist by itself, but is embedded within a larger environment that is driven by the co-evolution of diverse communities, platforms and data sets. While the Open Source movement has provided us with a wealth of tools, what matters significantly are social aspects and perceptions of data that both hinder and enable the potential that can be realized.

Chris Davis explores the role that ICT can play in helping us to better understand the energy systems that power society. He works extensively with Semantic Web technologies, Agent Based Modeling, visualization and wikis. Much of this work involves using online collaborative environments that enable groups to manage, curate, and explore complex data. He is also actively working on applying the principles of Linked Open Data to energy data, primarily through the work on Currently he is a postdoc at the Energy and Industry Section of TU Delft’s Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management.

Impact of open data on MDO's by Roderick Besseling (Cordaid)

The presentation highlight the impact that open data has on Cordaid, both internally and externally and how to engage staff on the topic of open data. Several practical examples will be used to illustrate how open data and different visualization platforms can be used to create user engagement and disseminate open data.

Roderick Besseling is the Open Data Coordinator at Cordaid. He is responsible for the quarterly IATI (International Aid Transparency Index) reporting process and uses different platforms to disseminate this data internally and externally. Roderick has a background in data, design and development and believes that these are three crucial factors in the open development movement.

Cordaid is the Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid, with its headquarters in the Hague and country offices in 11 countries. It has been fighting poverty and exclusion in the world’s most fragile societies and conflict-stricken area’s for almost a century. Cordaid is deeply rooted in the Dutch society with more than 300,000 private donors. Cordaid is a founding member of Caritas Internationalis and CIDSE.

Together we work towards a fair world in which not only every individual matters but also where we share the resources planet Earth has provided.

Technical-brainstorm/mini-hackathon on possible uses of IATI files

Since the topic of the talks will be on open data, and the IATI standard for sharing data from Mission Driven Organisations, we will host a technical-brainstorm/mini-hackathon on possible uses of these IATI files. The idea is to make small teams of people with varied skills and backgrounds, and work for one hour in generating and perhaps quickly testing ideas on how to use the IATI files from the MDO’s. We expect to get from this activities the seeds for larger efforts which are being currently coordinated with different MDO's, and which will result in hackathons and missions in the coming months.

Hope to see you at the next event!