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In this month's meetup, we will explore the new frontiers in data science. Satish Shankar (Data Scientist, NUS) will begin with the application of machine learning for Underwater Communications. He will be followed by Mikko Kotila (Chairman, mediaQuark), who will be sharing with us an Introduction to Lean Data Science. Finally, Anshul Jain (founder and CEO ThoughtBuzz) will be sharing with us his experience in social media analytics.

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Btw, we have also moved to a bigger venue at SMU!

Cost: Free Event.


2pm: Machine Learning for Underwater Communications by Satish Shankar (Data Scientist, NUS)

Data science and machine learning are changing oceanography. I will first describe some of the advances in ocean engineering and underwater technology research carried out in Singapore. This includes autonomous robot swarms, underwater communications and acoustic daylight imaging. The second part of the talk will describe some of my thesis research: machine learning algorithms to optimize underwater communications. An underwater communication channel usually has high noise levels, varies drastically with environmental / geographical factors (such as winds, currents, depths, seabed geometry etc) and varies continuously over time. Due to these factors, traditional supervised learning algorithms can't be used directly. Attend the talk to learn more!

2.45pm: Break and networking

3pm: Introduction to Lean Data Science by Mikko Kotila (Chairman, mediaQuark)

The great majority of scientific research rely heavily on our ability to extract value out of data. Challenging the way we capture, store and process data is fundamental for our ability to fully capitalise on the promise of data. Currently this “internal” aspect of data science is largely neglected, and receives only little attention or funding in academia or commerce.

This talk will cover:

• Lean Data Science: an ontological view to the practice of extracting value out of data!

• Brand New Computing: how to increase computational output over x100 without increasing cost of operation

3.45pm: Break and networking

4pm: Social Media Analytics in the Real World by Anshul Jain (Founder & CEO, ThoughtBuzz)

From identifying new trends, protecting brand image and refining marketing campaigns, to improving the customer experience, social media analytics has been used to help businesses. This talk would be showcasing some of the real-world applications of social media analytics in Asia, and how both large and small organizations are using social media to drive better results for their business.

4.45pm: End of event

-Please note that refreshments will NOT be provided.

About Our Speakers

Shankar is a Research Engineer at the National University of Singapore. He works at the intersection of machine learning, pattern recognition, signal processing, and underwater technology. To know more, check out his website at (

With 20 years of commercial experience in data and computing, Mikko Kotila leads a research team with a proven track record in groundbreaking innovation for the fields of data management, high frequency computing, intelligence, and compression. Mikko sits on the board of two pioneer media intelligence companies and is a regular speaker, panelist and an author on the topic of data. Lived in Asia for the past 10 years.

Anshul Jain is the founder and CEO of ThoughtBuzz, the analytics arm of TO THE NEW, specializing in social analytics, business intelligence and data mining. Jain leads the product strategy of the company and has worked with clients across FMCG, BFSI, telecommunications, retail and media. A true geek, Jain is an expert in the field of social media analytics and helps organizations develop dashboards focused on identifying ROI. More recently he has been heavily involved in the Social CRM domain. Prior to founding ThoughtBuzz, Jain was with Oracle. He is an alumnus of SP Jain and Singapore Management University.