Elastic Night

This is a past event

60 people went


Pablo Musa (https://www.linkedin.com/in/pmusa) will present "Using your relational database with the ELK stack"

Ever wanted to know all about using your relational database with the ELK stack? Pablo Musa, educational engineer at Elastic, is here to help! In this presentation, Pablo will cover how to ingest data from your database using the new Logstash JDBC plugin. He will also explore how to transform your data for seamless visualization in Kibana, and share strategies on how to keep Elasticsearch indices up-to-date with your database. Pablo will conclude with a demo bringing everything together to ingest, visualize, and learn from Musicbrainz music data.

Pablo Musa is an educational engineer at Elastic. Prior to joining Elastic, Pablo worked as an Elasticsearch consultant and enthusiastic in Brazil helping different companies solve different kinds of problems related to search, logs, scaling, configuration, etc. Before that Pablo worked developing and managing a 10 node Hadoop/HBase cluster in a dropbox like application for a security company with millions of sensitive documents and terabytes of data.

Mark Harwood (https://twitter.com/elasticmark) will present "Professional Data - Wrestling Techniques Using Elasticsearch's Aggregation Framework"

Getting useful answers out of your data doesn't require a team of expensive data scientists. Elasticsearch aggregations include some powerful algorithms out of the box that can wrestle your large datasets into submission and offer up answers to some of your toughest questions in seconds. In this session we'll examine a range of interrogation techniques applied to real nation-scale datasets of crime, housing and vehicle data.

Mark Harwood is a software engineer at Elastic and long-time contributor to Lucene. Prior to joining Elastic Mark was Chief Scientist at BAE Systems Detica, designing search and visualization systems on multi-billion document solutions for analysts in commercial and government clients.

Giovanni Tummarello (http://www.g1o.net/) will present "Kibi, a friendly Kibana fork for Relational Data (and its brewed in Ireland!)"

Few months ago we were moonstruck by Kibana and fell in love with its power and flexibility. Based on of many past experiences in Data Intelligence we went head down and created Kibi, a friendly will-be-kept-in-sync Kibana fork specialized in relational data/Data intelligence. At its core, Kibi has both the user interface extensions and the backend Elasticsearch extensions to deal with relational data allowing joins across indexes and across external datasources (e.g. SQL)

In the presentation I will demonstrate live and give screenshots of Kibi in actions in sectors such as market intelligence, life sciences, tax/fraud investigations, IP security among others.

Giovanni Tummarello, Ph.D, is CEO of Siren Solutions, a Galway based advanced search and data intelligence company. He has 15 years of leading Research and Engineering team and author of numerous scientific publications in the field of semantic data management (having 2k+ citations as today). He currently lives in Galway, Ireland.