• Women’s Meetup: Navigating your career in the High Tech world

    We are happy to announce the first women-only meetup (open only to women!) of the JerusML community. Join us for an evening dedicated entirely to career development in the high tech world, where you'll be hearing from top-leader women of the tech scene. This is also an excellent opportunity for great networking! In the first part of the evening, Hila Noga co-founder and CTO @ Lynx.MD will give a very interesting lecture on career development. In the second part of the evening we will have a panel with Carine Belle-Feder (Software Engineer @Clear Blockchain Technologies, co-manager at Baot community, the largest community of women in R&D) and with Ayelet Sachto (Site Reliability Engineer and leading content and community relations at Women in Hitech (נשים בהייטק) a community of over 10000 professional women in different roles in the high tech industry.). The panel will deal with communities and how they can help you boosting your career. Notes: 1. Registration is open to women only. 2. The event will take place at Lightricks, located at the Hebrew University (Givat Ram). Parking is available upon request - please fill up the following form in order to get vehicle entrance permit. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSez_e65GxuPIbZ0-0jhPX7bDuQrNcdfkOSib1PqY5I217ivcQ/viewform Schedule: 18:30-19:00: Gathering and food 19:00-19:15: Opening remarks: * Myriam Hansel-Lesmy and Noa Cohen (JerusML community) * Neta Geva, Head of HR, Lightricks * Rachel Wagner Rosenzweig (MadeInJLM) 19:15-20:00: Hila Noga - co-founder and CTO @ Lynx.MD - Career development: A practical manual 20:00-20:45: Panel: How communities can help you with developing a successful career? Panelists: Carine Belle-Feder, Software Engineer @Clear Blockchain Technologies, co-manager at Baot community. Ayelet Sachto, Site Reliability Engineer, leading content and community relations at women in hitech (נשים בהייטק) _______________________________________________________________________________________ Lecture : Career development: A practical manual How do you know what's the right role for you? How do you plan for your next job? How can you make an impact, gain visibility and get ahead? Does being a woman have anything to do with it? How do you survive a rough workspace, and more importantly - should you? Let's talk about strategizing, politicking, building a career and winning at life. Bio: Hila is the co-founder and CTO of Lynx.MD, a data science platform for the medical space. She led a somewhat hectic but extremely fulfilling 15 years long career and lived to tell about it. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Panelists: Carine-Belle is a software engineer at Clear Blockchain Technologies, and a co-manager at Baot community - Israel largest community of women in R&D positions. Prior to that, she was a developer at Oracle-Ravello's virtualization team, and served as a researcher and a group lead in one of 8200's elite technological units. She's a firm believer in one's ability to advance their career, and in the combination of tech and sushi. Ayelet Sachto is a passionate problem solver with ~15 years experience in technology in different positions and different companies from big enterprises to small startups which provide me with the opportunity to design and implement a variety of architectures with different constraints. Currently, Site Reliability Engineer tackling problems of scale, reliability and data integrality in a rapidly growing company. Ayelet is also leading content and community relations in women in hitech (נשים בהייטק), a community of 10,000+ professional women in different roles in the high tech industry.

  • JerusML meetup #13: Artificial Intelligence Meets the Israeli Law @KnessetIL

    Its time to tackle one of the most complex issues in the AI world: The intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Law. There is no better place for this discussion than the Israeli Knesset, and no better time to raise awareness for this issue than during the formation of a new government. DUE TO THE STRICT SECURITY REGULATIONS AT THE KNESSET, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE SPECIAL REGISTRATION PROCEDURES: JerusML members interested in this meeting should register at the special Meetup #13 registration form (https://forms.gle/5pGDyMFdZoNgn4Fn9). 5 days before the meetup we will send a confirmation e-mail. ONLY MEMBERS THAT RECEIVED THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE BUILDING. The number of spots for this meetup is limited. Please register in the special form only if you intend to come on time. Important logistics information: 1. We will meet at the Menora Garden in front of the famous Knesset Menora at 17:00. From there, we will enter the building as a group, starting at 17:30. Please check in with the JerusML organizers immediately upon your arrival so we know that you are there. 2. A passport or Israeli ID card must be presented to enter the Knesset. 3. All attendees are required to comply to the Knesset visitors dress code (https://main.knesset.gov.il/EN/activity/pages/visit.aspx). Members that do not comply with the dressing code will not be allowed into the building. Agenda: 17:00 - 17:30 – Check in with JerusML organizers at the Menora Garden - Light food and drinks 17:30 - 18:00 – Entrance to the Knesset as a group 18:00 – 19:00 – Knesset tour 19:00 – 19:45 – MK Roy Folkman @ Kulanu party 19:45 – 20:30 – Roy Goldschmidt - Coordinator of the Science and Technology Committee