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Data Science from idea to production - from your laptop to the cloud

Nowadays almost everybody is talking about DataScience / Machine Learning, containers, cloud and going serverless. what if we could combine all those elements? Nice right!? Think of all the possibilities.... * Data Scientists are able to quickly process and iterate over large datasets. * Data Engineers / Scientists can combine and add pre-trained sets to there current infrastructure. * Scale when needed. * Quickly test run trained models. * Leverage the power of the cloud to train models. Program: 18:00 food 18:30 talk 1 19:30 short break 19:45 talk 2 20:45 drinks Talk 1: Speaker: Rory Sie In this talk, Rory will demonstrate how to build, train and deploy machine learning algorithms in the AWS cloud using Amazon SageMaker, to: * provide more transparency * ease the process of taking algorithms into production. If time allows, we will show you how to use Lambda and Lambda Layers to pre-process data from S3. Talk 2: In this talk Arno will start of with sharing his thoughts about DataScience and Engineering and then do a live demo where he will: - start containerising a trained model. - deploy the container with the trained model to a container platform like kubernetes. - deploy a serverless environment on the same container platform. - create serverless functions to send and receive data from our trained model. - create a Single Page Application to visualize our trained model with the data retrieved from the serverless functions.

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