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You and your partner love each other, but with your busy lives, who has time to plan something special? So you end up watching TV together, or going out to yet another restaurant or movie. But deep inside you know that you want more—more Spark, more Intimacy, and more Playfulness! That’s why we created DATE NIGHT.

DATE NIGHT is a monthly event for couples that’s both educational and fun! In a lighthearted environment, you will mingle with other like-minded couples and enjoy fun activities that support authentic communication, build spontaneity, and deepen intimacy (sprinkled with our best tips for the art and science of loving). Couples of all gender identities and sexual preferences are welcomed and encouraged to join!

Are you the kind of partner or couple who cares about:

- Having spark and playfulness in your relationship?

- Enhancing your sensual and erotic connection?

- Communicating with ease and respect?

Then this group is for you!

Here are some of the things you can expect to discover: ** How to turn wine tasting to an experience that opens all of your senses ** Partner dancing for fun and embodied contact ** Using mindfulness to enhance sensual touch ** Understanding your partner’s body language

Your partner can’t come? No problem. You can enjoy many of the events even if you come on your own. Themes will change each month, so come as often as you want and experience something new!

DATE NIGHT is led by Gal Szekely & Liron Cohen, a married couple who live and work together (it doesn’t get more real than that!). They are couples counselors and founders of The Couples Center (http://thecouplescenter.org), a counseling and education center for couples. Gal has dedicated his work to helping couples create thriving relationships. He is a teacher in the Hakomi experiential therapy method as well as adjunct faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he teaches marriage counseling from a body-mind perspective. Liron has a gift for teaching couples how to overcome barriers to connection and create a deeper, more exciting love between them. With a background in design, as a doula and priestess, and a gifted chef, she brings creativity and beauty to everything she does!

A message from Gal & Liron:

“We started The Couples Center because we are passionate about helping couples have amazing relationships. We started Date Night because we want to host fun events for couples that will also make a difference in their lives. And honestly, we want a fun special evening that we will enjoy ourselves! We look forward to building community with you!”

What people are saying about Gal, Liron, and The Couples Center:

“I attended the premarital workshop with my girlfriend a few weekends ago. We came out of it with more awareness of each other’s point of view, as well as practical tools we can use to work on some long standing issues. Gal and Liron are both excellent counselors.” -- Dan C.

“I had a great experience in the premarital counseling workshop from The Couples Center. As a guy, I was very skeptical about it. But after the two-day workshop, my eyes were opened. Gal offers us great tools to build a better relationship. I believe Gal’s workshop not only can help us build a better marriage, it may change our life. Thank you, Gal!” -- Charles C.

“…If we had not met Gal and The Couples Center, there is a large likelihood that we would not be engaged today… Thanks to Gal and the time he spent with us; I think that we will have a better and stronger relationship.” -- Samee M.

“I attended the weekend-long couples communication session with my husband. It was a great opportunity to grow closer to my other half. I really treasured the time we spent together focusing on making our relationship stronger. The weekend opened my eyes to many things and I really appreciated the passion and sincerity Gal brings to the work.” -- YY C.

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Love Made Simple: A Weekend Workshop for Couples

Acqua Hotel

LOVE MADE SIMPLE: A WORKSHOP FOR COUPLES WHO WANT MORE! Join us for a wonderful weekend in Mill Valley, CA on September 28th - 29th, 2019. We have two paths: Long-term Couples: http://www.thecouplescenter.org/members/couples-workshop-san-francisco/ OR Premarital Couples:http://www.thecouplescenter.org/members/premarital-counseling-workshop-san-francisco/ Use Code: MEETUP10 for 10% off! Secure your relationship—or rediscover your love—with the secrets to more passion, intimacy, and playfulness! As you and your partner approach marriage, the best way to prepare for your future together is by learning the tools and skills that form the foundation of a successful long-term relationship. Or, maybe you and your partner have been together for several years now—and somehow, somewhere, despite your best intentions, the romance has faded. Maybe you find yourselves arguing a lot more than you used to, and being intimate a lot less. You used to reach for each other’s body again and again, but now you find yourselves arguing over and over—about the same old issues! Let’s get real. Everyone knows this, but no one’s saying it: relationships are hard work. That means you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault. Relationships take maintenance, and no one’s given you the manual. Until now. Here’s the good news: with the right skills and tools, you can have a relationship filled with passion, intimacy, spontaneity, and support. It’s absolutely possible for you to build a love that lasts—and we’re here to help! In Love Made Simple you’ll receive a map for creating a successful relationship, especially how to bring passion, intimacy, and ease to your love life. This is a hands-on workshop (with separate sub-tracks for either long-term or premarital couples) in which you’ll do practical exercises with your partner that are both fun and educational. Our approach is unique in that it brings the latest tools and methods in an experiential, enlivening, and engaging way. LEARN MORE: 09/29-30 Long-term couples workshop: http://www.thecouplescenter.org/members/couples-workshop-san-francisco/ 09/29-30 Premarital couples workshop: http://www.thecouplescenter.org/members/premarital-counseling-workshop-san-francisco/ Now’s the time to build a Love that Lasts!

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