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Four hour Longsword workshop
Looking for a gift for that special someone? This is perfect! Give the gift of sword fighting to them. You can send him or her to the class, or you can attend with him! If you know of anyone that you think would enjoy this class, please pass the information onto them or give me a call for more information. This is a four hour intensive class for the students of the sword that would like to attend class at the school but live out of area or just don't have the time to commit each week to class. Every month we gather for four hours to study the long sword. The first three hours are spend on the curriculum of the school and the final hour is spent working on a specific technique from Fior dei Battaglia (Flos Duellatorum written in 1409). I have loaner equipment for the students that do not have their own swords or helmets, all you need to bring are gloves. If you have your own wasters and helmet, please bring them with you. Dress of the day is sweats, a t-shirt and comfortable shoes. Time: 12:00am – 4:00pm Where: 3233 De La Cruz, Unit F Santa Clara, CA 95054 Cost: $70.00 in advance $80 at the door

Davenriche European Martial Artes School

3266 De La Cruz · Santa Clara, CA


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At Davenriche European Martial Artes School (DEMAS) we study the armed and unarmed martial techniques of Italy and England. Classes include the long sword, the rapier, the cut and thrust sword, knife fighting, grappling and even armored combat in which we practice in full armor. When studying the martial arts at DEMAS the student will study the martial theories that will allow the student to be able to use any tool in the fight.

Most people have played at sword fighting as children, and now you can learn how the swords were used for self defense and personal protection in the past and how it can be used today for fun, fitness and personal safety.

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