Backpack: Mt. Timpanogos (considering alternatives)


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Questions?: Javis@[masked]

PLEASE READ: An online document has been created for participants wanting to ask questions or look into alternatives. I strongly feel we will not be able to summit the peak, we'll be lucky if we can reach the saddle. There's still too much snow. One hiker even required rescue:

Document here:

With the wet season we’ve had I am REQUIRING cleats and trekking poles for hiking in the snow as well as warm clothing for possible cold overnight temperatures.

July 5 @ 3pm: Meet at the Timpooneke trailhead (see map pin) and hike to our camping location in the Timpanogos Basin. Please take note of this location, we will leave up the trail at 3pm sharp, there’s no cell phone coverage so I won’t be able to take calls for questions. This is a backpacking trip for one night so bring the proper gear, water, food, and supplies. Example: I’m bringing 3L of water and a filter for myself, we should also have several water sources on this hike.

July 6 @ 8:30am: From our campsite in the basin, we’ll pack up make the final hike up to Mt. Timpanogos (depending on the group we may start early to watch the sunrise from the saddle), with record snow pack we may only be able to make it up to the saddle which will give us a nice view of the valley. We may also be leaving our gear at either the junction to Aspen Grove or at the saddle since hiking to the peak is tough to do with a backpack. This puts us at over 7 miles and 4,600 feet from where we started on the 5th. We’ll hike down, pack up our gear at our campsite, then hike down the Aspen Grove route ( I’m expecting to be at the Aspen Grove trailhead late in the afternoon.

Carpool/shuttle situation: Since we are not ending where we are starting there will need to be planning involved with this. I am having some family members drop my group off at Timpooneke on the 5th and pick us up at Aspen Grove on the 6th. If you can get some friends/family to do this that would be ideal since the trailhead parking lots are going to be packed this weekend. If you do this coordinate pickup time and place cause cell reception is spotty. Otherwise you’ll need to plan a group with 2 cars and try to find parking at both trailheads and organize a shuttle. You can also hike back the Timpooneke route if you choose.