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How to Collect Money Owed to You from your Tenants and Contractors!!
How to Collect Money Owed to You from your Tenants and Contractors!! Greg Maitinsky, President of Go Beyond Collection Agency Inc. is our featured speaker for this month's dinner meeting. It is not about us, but rather about you and your needs. When was the last time an agency cared about your needs? At Go Beyond our vision is to include you in the collection process and allow you to take control. We have a professional team that optimizes your good and bad receivables to the highest caliber. Our forward thinking and creative team is uniquely committed to building the future of the collection industry. Accountable via Transparent collection Bankable with gross cheque arrangement Professional thanks to continuous training Personable by live communications

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We strive to equip traders with all the necessary skills to succeed in their trading career. Day Trader by the Minute is brought to you by and SRIM (Strategic Risk Management) is not just an acronym for us, it is a state of mind we wish to share with the trader. It means Prosperity, mainly the richness and growth in your mindset first and foremost in order to be successful traders. We approach trading with the human element, with the human psychology as a factor, as one of the key indicators.

Our training and our seminars are for people to bring the Mindfulness practice of the Marketplace and fine-tune their psyche for trading. Although, we rely on a platform to give great Support and Resistance and Safe Zones for trading, however, we noticed 75% of our training and readiness to trade, comes from mental preparation, and understanding how taking each trade and compounding trades, or taking multiple trades affect our mood and mindset. These human factors have been forgotten in the search for the 'Optimal Indicator'. At SRIM, we're here to take you back to the basics, where the MOST IMPORTANT indicator is YOU.

Our educators at SRIM INC are equipped with practical, real world experience as they have successfully and profitably traded their own live funds. We provide classes in person and online through a play-on-demand format for diverse learning at your convenience. Come learn with us and join us when you can!

Please feel free to call at 289-273-5681 and schedule 1/2 hour free consultation every Wednesday from 11 am, to 1 pm.

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