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Daylight Healing Center is a place for Meditation and Hypnosis for Personal Growth, Reiki, all types of Shamanic and Energy Healing, and Community/Family Development. I plan to post our offerings here, such as our Guided Group Meditations, Reiki Shares and Classes, and an Assortment of Inspirational Classes and Amazing Workshops for You, Our Community. Hope to see you here!

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Reiki Master Training Class

Daylight Healing Center

REIKI MASTER TRAINING CLASS This Reiki Master Training Class covers: ~Who is a Master? ~Why Teach Reiki? ~Cord Cutting Techniques ~Tibetan Reiki Symbols ~How Does an Attunement Work? ~Attunement to the Master Level ~Violet Breath ~Learn and Practice the Healing Attunement ~Learn and Practice all the Reiki Level Attunements Advanced Reiki Training (ART) is a prerequisite to taking this Master class and is offered the Saturday before. I teach Advanced Reiki Training and the Reiki Master Class on two consecutive Saturdays. The classes cover two 7-8 hour days. The ART class, or Advanced Reiki Training, is for those who want to learn the Master Level symbols and take the next step in Reiki, including receiving an advanced level attunement, but who don't want to teach Reiki at this time. (If you take the ART class and, in the future, decide to take the Master class, you can do so, even if years have passed.) The Master class is for those who want to move on and teach Reiki, as well as have the ability to attune their students to Reiki. As you read above, by the end of the two days of training, you'll know how to set up a Crystal Grid for healing others or yourself, how to do a Healing Attunement, how to perform an Aura Clearing, and you'll receive two attunements and 4 Master Symbols. But besides these, you will be opening up to the higher Reiki frequencies. This workshop is so healing because, in addition to the two attunements that I will pass on to you, you will be practicing Reiki attunements on each other, as well as Aura Clearing and Healing Attunements. In the Master class on the second day, lots of time is devoted to learning how to do attunements and practicing them. If you are interested in taking this Master Class, the Master Level requirements are that you are attuned to the second level of Reiki, have practiced Reiki regularly for at least 6 months, and you can draw the three Reiki 2 symbols from memory. I would like to know your qualifications and why you desire to move forward in your Reiki path. These questions are part of the registration process on Brown Paper Tickets, and you will see them at check out. As a Reiki Master candidate, you should feel you want to pursue Reiki as a large part of your spiritual life path. After all, you will be representing Reiki to the world as a Reiki Master, and people expect you to be fluent in Reiki, even when you explain that Master means Teacher in Japan and that you are but a teacher. After the Master class, you will be able to teach and attune others to Reiki. Your Reiki channels will be opened even further and you will have many tools with which to practice and develop the quality of your Reiki energy. All classes and workshops are held at Daylight Healing Center in Edmonds, WA. Registration on Brown Paper Tickets is required! Sorry, signing up on Meetup doesn't mean you've registered. Thank you! https://aprilreikimasterclass.bpt.me/ A Reiki Master manual is given as part of this class. Looking forward to seeing You at class! Cost The cost for this class is $450 when combined with Advanced Reiki Training the Saturday before. Otherwise, if taken alone, the cost is $250. Advanced Reiki Training is a prerequisite and needs to be taken before the Reiki Master Class. https://aprilreikimasterclass.bpt.me/ My Short Bio My name is Maureen Rivelle and I am a retired RN and active Reiki Master! I have been practicing Reiki daily on myself, my family, friends, and animals, for the past 12 years and have been blessed to be a part of many healings, physical, emotional and spiritual. Daylight Healing Center in Edmonds, WA is my practice space, where we offer ongoing events (DaylightHealingCenter.com). I belong to the Reiki Healing Association. See my Facebook page, Yelp and Google reviews under Open Hands Reiki, and my websites/blog. I'd love to share my passion for Reiki and healing with you and I hope to see you in class!

Compassion Crash Course

Daylight Healing Center


Want to alleviate suffering in the world? Join energy worker Melissa Hartley in this Compassion Cultivation workshop. Compassion is one of the Buddhist 4 Immeasurables—special virtues that have the power to help us in this life and the next. This class will teach specific skills to develop Compassion, and the other Immeasurables, that are simple and safe to practice in your daily life. Learn the many benefits of cultivating Compassion. This class is for people of all spiritual backgrounds. Theory will be covered but the focus will be on developing understanding through direct practice. Melissa’s unique approach emphasizes the magic and energy work in the meditation practices taught. Open to people with all levels of meditation experience. Come spread Compassion. Register for Compassion Crash Course at: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4200383 To learn more about Melissa, please visit https://www.beautylifeworks.com/

An Introduction to PSYCH-K

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In this workshop, Elizabeth Stewart, will introduce participants to PSYCH-K. She will walk us through the many ways this simple and powerful energy modality may benefit you in your life. Spoiler alert: PSYCH-K has been proven to transform stress, fear, depression, disease, allergies, and so much more! Have you ever consciously sabotaged your efforts towards a goal and you just don’t know why or how to break that pattern? How are your new year’s resolutions coming along? Do you keep the promises you make to yourself? Do you feel worthy of your goals? Are you happy and satisfied with your life (relationships, money, career, health, body image)? This 6 minute video with Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief, and PSYCH-K originator, Rob Williams, gives a taste of what’s to come. www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VDRqLNiSlQ In this workshop, there will be a demonstrations so that audience volunteers may experience a PSYCH-K “balance”. Testimonials can be found at www.GuidedAlignment.com and https://psych-k.com/testimonials/. Please note: This is an intro workshop, not a training on how to facilitate PSYCH-K with yourself or others. Using PSYCH-K requires a trained facilitator. If you find this workshop useful, we'll be providing information about where you can learn how to "balance" for yourself (as Elizabeth did). Should you choose to book at private session with Elizabeth, we will apply this workshop fee to that cost. If you are not yet familiar with Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work, check out his book, The Biology of Belief or listen to his full talk at these links – 3 hours in total. Part 1/2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_kkyS-8Gvc Part 2/2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDxLK10oGtk


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Jumpstart Your Life NOW It's All About the Details In order to BE, DO or Have what we WANT, our Desires must be Crystal CLEAR. Join us as we create our Vision Boards, share Yummy Food... Lots of FUN & New Friendships a bonus! 5 Reasons Everyone Should Make A Vision Board In 2019: ~Vision boards make you think about what it is you really want ~Vision boards help you get unstuck ~Vision boards provide you with a daily visual reminder of your dreams and goals ~Vision boards will get you all fired up emotionally ~Vision boards are fun! What is a Vision Board? A vision board is a collage representing things you would like to attract into your life. Pictures, quotes and phrases out of magazines, and print images from websites, as well as your own photos, are included in the collage. Glue the images and words onto a piece of poster board and place it somewhere you can see it daily. This Party is to Shine LIGHT on the Thoughts that You have, to make into Plans; to Put into Action, and to Live in that Moment. What is Included? ~ALL Supplies to Create Your Vision Board ~Light Appetizers & Non-Alcohol Drinks ~An Amazingly FUN Venue with the Perfect Setting & Ambiance FAQ ~Tickets ~ $35.00 (1) Bring a Friend $50.00 (2) Preregistration is Mandatory to get all prepared for you! ~Preregister here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/vision-board-party-edmonds-tickets-59308446159?aff=efbeventtix&fbclid=IwAR31SAe7r9q8kKutEPhuZvMFWSDOCMJOQIUYN9WK0_De0PmsKjaX6EKAXeY RSVP is nice, but Registration is needed via the above link. Thanks! ~Parking ~ Lots!! What can I bring? Magazines, personal photos, trinkets to attach, frame or corkboard (board will be supplied, however you may prefer a different platform) planner, organizer RSVP We'll Connect ♥ RSVP & I'll Share with You a FUN Party Favor It is Time to take your Dreams Seriously! Your Future Self will thank YOU!!

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