Soul Retrievals – How to Get Back What is Yours to Move Forward?

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Soul Retrieval is a form of Shamanic Healing that allows a person to become whole again on a spiritual and sometimes emotional basis. As we move through this life, and others, we encounter occasions where we have conflict with people, or where people advertently or inadvertently, take a piece of our soul. Soul Retrieval allows us to gain back what we have lost.

These losses can be due to emotional harm, physical harm, or even spiritual harm. One example might be the instance of shame. When someone shames us, if we take ownership of this shame, we give a part of our soul to that individual. We also in exchange that a part of that person’s soul into our own body as well. This shame can limit our abilities to grow, be comfortable with ourselves, or most often love ourselves in a healthy manner that lets us live happy lives.

During this class we will briefly discuss how the shaman or shamanic practitioner performs a Soul Retrieval. There are several methods that the shaman may use. Also, under the instruction of a shaman it is possible to perform Soul Retrievals individually, but normally this practice frowned upon, since the shaman also adds a level of protection to the person during this event.

We will then take a journey based on our intentions to try and get an answer from the spirits and teachers in these Non-Ordinary realities. Once the journey is complete we will journal and then discuss what we encountered (if we want to share) with the group and look at the initial results.

This class, or circle, is an interactive environment. Questions and discussions are encouraged and help everyone get the information, knowledge and answers that they seek.

The cost is $10.00 per attendee to provide for further classes and shamanic work. Water and notes will be provided.

Looking forward to seeing you!