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To any life-forms that love Star Trek in all it's incarnations... Any sentient beings who know Star Trek inside and out... Any humanoids that yearn to boldly go where no meetup has gone before...

Let us come together and watch episodes of Classic Star Trek, TNG or Voyager and then have a discussion about: The Good Parts... The Bad Parts... The Funny Parts (if any)... The Best Lines... The Worst Lines... How could it have been better... What aspect of the story is really "Science Fiction." Which parts were socially relevant. What aspect of Star Trek has affected your life? Then we can cast our votes for (or at least make a list of) episodes we will watch and review at future meetups. We will discuss ideas for future projects and events. Maybe a local Star Trek convention, a Star Trek-themed competition or other ideas the members may put forward...

As a certain Shakespearean Starship Captain said at the end of his televised run, "The sky's the Limit!"


P.S. We are an equal opportunity meetup so any Hortas, Tribbles, Gorns, Talosians, Klingons, Romulans, Tellerites, Beta iotians, Melkotians, Metrons , Organians and of course, Vulcans are welcome!!!

P.P.S. There will be assorted snacks and goodies.

P.P.P.S. If you bring snacks there will be more to enjoy

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Dayton Metro Library - Kettering-Moraine Branch

A Space-Related Project for Dayton Make a Difference

Dayton Metro Library - Kettering-Moraine Branch

Dayton Star Trek Meetup Event Number 2

Dayton Metro Library - Kettering-Moraine Branch

First Meetup Session

Dayton Metro Library - Kettering-Moraine Branch

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