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You've found the starting point for the next revolution in personal shelter - Small and Really Tiny (SmaRT) houses!

Small houses are defined as having total living space of less than 400 square feet. We are taking that all the way down to a minimum of 100 sf (or less), Really Tiny. Inspired by Jay Shafer, originator of the Tumbleweed Tiny house on wheels, now commonly called THOWs. Refined, mobile living with glass and class, here. (https://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/)


One such tiny is the Heart of All (http://www.heartofitallhouse.com) tiny house by Trevor and Mary Gay.

A serious second place consideration are for those converting panel trucks or (more commonly) older school buses - referred to as SCoolies. We have a bus conversion happening right now in downtown Dayton!


Both of the above solutions involve following rules and regulations from various state and Federal Departments of Transportation. There will always be links to these two styles.

A third and growing group of people want to live tiny without the problems involved living and moving on rubber. This group favors either slab or pier attachment to the good Earth. This style of housing, we'll call PATH for Pier Attached Tiny House. These will allow for anyone to get on the PATHway toward individual freedom.

It's International!

The International Building Code IRC was recently revised for calendar year 2018 allows for some changes that allow THOWS under specific circumstances. Regardless, the existing IRC that Dayton follows is the 2012 code which allows for a minimum of 120 square feet per adult. More later:. . .

Dayton has NO minimum structure size for an occupancy permit!

• Riverside wants to attract new residents and has available land.

• West Carrolton wants to attract new residents and has available land..

• Vandalia wants to attract new residents and has available land...

• Springfield wants to attract new residents and has available land....

• Huber Heights wants to attract new residents and has available land......

See a pattern? Any Mayors? Managers? Council folk? Developers?

• New Lebanon wants to attract new residents and has available space NOW!

We have a member in New Lebanon now allows for THOWS to park and live!

LOVARE is growing center of small and tiny living on Friend Road which is right out side De Graff Ohio.

Smart space for your space on wheels or on the ground. One of the best solar systems in the region - outstanding workmanship. A working collaboration within an hours drive.


This interweb space is for anyone interested in building a tiny home, tiny-home living, sustainable living, etc. All interest levels are welcome.

Three years ago this Meetup started to meet other people interested in sustainable, off-the-grid, debt-free lifestyles and to learn and exchange ideas, resources and skills. Since then, we have grown to over 600 tiny house lovers and still counting, about 10 folks a week!

This is the year we move small/micro houses into the reality of building codes and zoning issues. Join US!

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