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Fairborn Marsh - Beaver Creek Wetlands Winter Series Hike

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Hike the Beaver Creek Wetlands Winter Series - Fairborn Marsh
(Can't make this date? This hike is duplicated with Ohio Paddlers on Sun, 17 Feb)

The wetlands are beautiful places in fall and winter. So let's get outside and visit the reserves of the Beaver Creek Wetlands. These places are very important to me and I love to visit them.

This will be a discovery hike. Pace will not be fast as we will stop frequently to look, take pictures and talk about features of this reserve.

In this series, we will visit all 11 reserves of the Beaver Creek Wetlands.

LENGTH: About 2.0 miles
DIFFICULT: Flat with slight hills, but prepare for mud and water
AMENITIES: 52 acres accessible on east side with parking, hiking trail, observation deck, no restrooms
EXTRAS: Bring water, camera and binoculars.

ABOUT: Fairborn Marsh
In 2000 the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association, with help from the Nature Conservancy and a partial donation, acquired the eastern 52 acres. This location has the largest natural open water marsh in the wetland corridor. The open water is particularly attractive to migrating waterfowl and shore birds. At the edges of the marsh, the higher ground is a quaking fen with a very high diversity of plant species. The forest is in early stages of succession from former agricultural land, and in the upland a restored prairie-savanna is in development. BCWA volunteers have worked to remove invasive honeysuckle, and to plant native oaks, hazelnut, spicebush and dogwoods. Boy Scouts have helped develop trails and construct the observation deck and many volunteers maintain the grounds.

Enjoy a variety of ducks and shore birds in the marsh. Sandhill Cranes, warblers and other neotropicals are seen here, especially during migration. See Swamp Sparrow, Green Heron, Great Blue Heron, Eastern Towhee, wrens, and Cedar Waxwings. Plants include Skunk Cabbage, Puffball Fungi, Shrubby Cinquefoil, Swamp Roses, many sedges, Great Angelica, Marsh Marigolds, cattails, Burreed, Black Cherry, Bur Oaks, Indian Grass, Big Bluestem.

About the Beaver Creek Wetlands: The Beaver Creek Wetlands encompass over 2000 acres along the Beaver Creek and Little Beaver Creek watershed. The Beaver Creek Wetlands were preserved through a community partnership that encourages the restoration of wetland and traditional upland habitats, such as forests and prairies. The wetlands are managed by the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association, a non-profit land trust that promotes the use of these protected areas for education, research and recreation.

Fairborn Marsh

Pet Policy: Please leave pets at home. Thanks!