Co-ed 2's/3's/4's for existing DBVC ADVANCED* Players Only (*See Details Below)

The Daytona Beach Volleyball Club
The Daytona Beach Volleyball Club
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City Island Park

201 City Island Parkway · Daytona Beach, FL

How to find us

Near the City Island Tennis Center and the Jackie Robinson Memorial Baseball Park (where the Daytona Tortugas play)

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The Thursday night meetup is designed for (1) existing and (2) the most "Advanced" Daytona Beach Volleyball Club members who are looking to play at a high level.

“ADVANCED” Definition:
At this time, "Advanced" is defined for the purposes of this Thursday evening meetup as follows:

(1) Attacking/Hitting Players will be allowed to and encouraged to swing freely, and at full speed if applicable, without having to worry about avoiding or injuring inexperienced players on the opposing team. In other words, and to put it frankly, if you are afraid of being hit with the ball, this is not the right level of meetup for you.
(2) Attacking/Hitting Players are expected, whenever possible, to strive for a winning shot and not just a shot to get the ball back over the net (which would likely lead to an easy bump, set, spike for the opposing team).
(3) Regardless of skills or talent, an advanced player is expected to put in a solid effort and not be afraid to get dirty and break a sweat.
(4) An advanced player has enough understanding of the game and character to call his/her own illegal contacts (doubles contacts and lifts), nets and other fouls.
(5) An advanced player should not "consistently" be the person on his/her team that is the reason his/her team cannot score points or is the reason the other team is able to score points.
(6) Hand sets will be called tightly at this level and if you are able, blocking is expected.
(7) Finally, advanced game and player strategies should be well understood (i.e., hand signals if/when applicable), reading opponents plays during a volley and identifying opponent weaknesses.


PLEASE NOTE: The attending players list will be actively managed by the event host for this meetup. Please check the “attending” player list, prior to leaving for this meetup to confirm you remain on the list. In addition, if you sign up and are not able to make it, you are expected to remove your name from the attending player list ASAP, but, no later than 30 mins. prior to the set meetup time (6:30 pm). If a player shows a consistent pattern of signing up and not showing up, he/she will be asked not to attend. Similarly, the expectation is if your name is not on the attending players list, you will not be able to play. Consequently, the host has removed the option to "bring a guest" for this meetup.


Hopefully, this will not be required, however, if existing "Advanced" players have a concern regarding another player not meeting the definition/guidelines (above), please contact the event host through a private message only. If enough players express concerns about another player, the event host will privately and discretely talk to that player. Please know it is not the intention of the event host, at all, to hurt the feelings of any player within this Meetup or to create unnecessary drama within our group. The event host roll is a difficult and thankless job, however, it is a necessary job to ensure the integrity of this advanced level Meetup. As a result, please give the event host the benefit of the doubt, whenever possible, please don’t take any feedback personality and if you are told you are not up to the level of an advanced player, use it as an opportunity to improve during the other scheduled meetups.


We hope this gives our advanced players an opportunity to meet others for better games. If you can offer lines and/or volleyball balls, please do. Finally, if you have any feedback (positive or negative), criticism, ideas, modifications, etc., please contact me. This is a new event, so it may take some time to tweak it until it properly meets the exceptions of a majority of the advanced players. Overall though... Let's have fun out there.


~ Ryan
Event Host