DGS Autumn RPG Rendezvous: Amaranthine: Romance, Vendetta, Forever

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The DGS presents the Fall 2012 RPG Rendezvous featuring the games of Machine Age Productions. Machine Age Productions is a local RPG publisher owned and operated by DGS member and storyteller David Hill and Filamena Young. If you recognize those names, it's because David and Filamena have worked on many World of Darkness games.

The RPG Rendezvous is DGS' periodic RPG micro game con, were we explore the wider world of RPG's beyond the usual World of Darkenss repertoire.

Presented for your gaming pleasure...

Amaranthine: Romance, Vendetta, Forever

Leap across rooftops to battle the enemy you've fought fifty times before. You know that every time you meet, one of you will die. It cannot be you; in this life, you have too much to live for.

Amaranthine is a game about those moments you only have once in your lifetime. Moments like your first kiss, your first love, or when you've fought to save those loved ones. Only, in Amaranthine, you've experienced those moments before, you know you'll experience them again, and they're staring you in the face right now.

Amaranthine uses simple game mechanics to reflect the ebb and flow of relationships, and lets the power of those relationships influence your success or failure now. Amaranthine are exceptional people. Instead of focusing heavily on whether or not you might succeed, Amaranthine focuses on how you get there, and the risks you're willing to take to escalate a conflict. What is victory really worth to you?

GM'd by David Hill

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