DGS Autumn RPG Rendezvous: Machine Age Productions Micro Games

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The DGS presents the Fall 2012 RPG Rendezvous featuring the games of Machine Age Productions. Machine Age Productions is a local RPG publisher owned and operated by DGS member and storyteller David Hill and Filamena Young. If you recognize those names, it's because David and Filamena have worked on many World of Darkness games.

The RPG Rendezvous is DGS' periodic RPG micro game con, were we explore the wider world of RPG's.

Presented for your gaming pleasure...

Machine Age Productions Micro Games

David and Filamena have designed a collection of micro games, small scale RPG's, games that can be played in a small amount of time. In this session of the RPG Rendezvous, David and Filamena will showcase their collection of micro games, including the titles...

Fuck Armageddon

Gentle Ladies Tea and Monstrosity Destroying and Quilting Circle Auxiliary

I Could Make You Care

Kicking Historical Asses

Radio Show: Martian Miscreants

Retrocalypse: Old School Hack meets Fallout

To learn more about Machine Age Production Micro Games, visit the site at ...