Past Meetup

The Vampire Conclave: Vampire the Requiem - Scions of Anarchy: The Devil's Road


“We roam freely down the Devil’s Road and answer to no Prince or Primogen. The Beast will be our guide and our roadmap. Guard yourself from us if you can, especially you, proud Elders, for we will thirst for your blood… Run and hide inside the gilded cages of your ‘City’ and leave the open road to us. You may call on us to do your dirty work, and run your villainous errands, but we Brides of Dracula are the apex predators…”

-Felix, Vice President of the Brides of Dracula

A Requiem of Brutal Survival

You are the 1% of the One Percenter. Your leather ‘cut’ bears the proud heraldry of the Brides of Dracula. Now with the 'Treaty' safe in your custody—her flesh inked with the sacred Blood of four Princes—you have gained notoriety amongst the notorious. Your proven courage has started you down the twisted path of the Devil’s Road…

Our chronicle continues the story of a special breed of anarchists, diablerists, bikers—nomads--who answer only to their lust and insatiable appetites. No mere Prince can claim dominion of these immortals, no laws can truly bind them or divide them, and morality must come from within. If justice exists at all, its vigilante justice: fists, claws, fangs; or a direct gunshot in your face.

A Vampire the Requiem story set in modern nights. Seats are currently reserved for members who participated in Season 1. Contact Joe B directly for open slots