Past Meetup

The Vampire Conclave: Vampire the Requiem - An Immortal Republic


"I am speaking to you publicly for a reason, Senator. You of all people know how important perceptions are. I am a woman of considerable means. My association could easily make you or destroy you. Smile for the cameras, tonight we are friends, but only so long as you decry that absurd national curfew bill. Why am I interested? That is a very...intimate matter, but I am certain you would agree it is a blatant violation of civil liberties. I know your mistresses will. Oh, these photographs? They can simply be ours to treasure if you play nice. "

-Sarah Hamilton-Whales, Ventrue Colonial

Washington, DC: the seat of mortal government in these United States. It is built upon virtues and values and reportedly swampland. In truth it is built on revolution, money and politics: the innumerable sins of our forefathers and their backers. Political parties squabble for spoils and dominance in the halls of power, and individuals make allegiances and backroom deals with powerful people, corporations and interests for their own personal gain. Many live high on the hog, while surrounding them are slums, poverty and violence.

Beneath it all lies the biggest special interest of all: The Undead. Their fingers dip into every honey pot and institution, their nighttime squabbles and power brokering mimicking those above. They have their Night Senate, a new Camarilla, beneath the streets. Citizens and Colonials dance an eternal Round in imitation of those above. Surrounding those hallowed halls, ghetto Kindred stalk and preach a new revolution.... United we stand. Divided we fall.

We always knew we had bloodsuckers in congress. And we were right.


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